The Anal Audition

It was a sultry summer afternoon when Sarah and John decided to go to a club they had heard about: The Anal Audition. Sarah had never been to a club like this before, and she was a little nervous. But when she found out that the club was actually hosting a special amateur anal contest that night, she decided to give it a try.

It was a small, intimate club, and when Sarah and John arrived, they were surprised to find a few people already there. As they waited for the contest to start, the couple couldn’t help but feel a little bit aroused by the atmosphere.

Once the contest was underway, John and Sarah watched as the other contestants displayed their skills in the dark. Some of them were quite talented, while others were obviously nervous and inexperienced. Sarah and John both felt something stirring inside them as each contestant performed, but they were both too embarrassed to let anyone know what they were feeling.

Eventually, Sarah and John realized that the contest was coming to an end and that it was their turn to compete. Taking a deep breath, Sarah stepped into the darkened spotlight with John. She was nervous at first, but as she began to feel the heat from John’s touch, her confidence grew.

Slowly, Sarah and John moved around the dance floor, thrusting and shaking as they made love. John was gentle but masterful as he explored Sarah’s body, and soon she was screaming out in pleasure as John entered her. She was amazed that she could feel such pleasure from anal sex, and as the pleasure intensified, Sarah and John increased their intensity, thrusting faster and harder as the heat and pleasure grew.

By the end of the night, Sarah and John had won the contest. They had managed to create the most enjoyable and intense experience for the judges, and they were both ecstatic. As they walked out of the club, hand in hand, they both felt a newfound level of confidence and desire. From that night forward, they knew they had found a way to enjoy anal sex and share it with each other.

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