Teasing Me

Teasing Me: A Naughty and Erotic Sex Story

I was feeling a little naughty so I decided to tease my lover. We had been together for a few months and I thought it would be a great way to spice things up. I started off by teasing him with my eyes, letting my gaze linger on his body for just a few seconds longer than normal. I could see the desire in his eyes as I did this, and it excited me.

He started to get a little more daring with his touches, running his hands down my back and then up again, grazing my ass cheeks as he did so. I could feel my heat rising and I wanted him to touch me more, but I kept teasing him, enjoying the feeling of his hands on my body and the anticipation of what could come next.

We moved to the bedroom, and I continued to tease him as we did. I started to undress slowly, taking my time and enjoying the way his eyes followed my every move. When I was down to just my panties, I stood in front of him and let him take in my body. His eyes were filled with desire and I could feel my body responding to his gaze.

He moved closer to me, his hands exploring my body, pushing my panties aside and teasing my most intimate areas. He teased my nipples and my clit, running his fingers around them and making me moan with pleasure. I started to get aroused and I wanted more, so I pushed him away and kneeled down in front of him.

I started to unbuckle his belt, then unbutton his jeans and slide them down. His cock was hard and ready and I started to tease it with my tongue and my hands. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, feeling the hardness of his cock beneath my tongue. I moved my hands to his balls and then up to his shaft, stroking it in time with my tongue.

I could tell he was getting close and so I moved my mouth up to his tip, taking it into my mouth and running my tongue around it. I started to suck it, taking it deep into my throat and feeling it pulse against my tongue. He started to moan and thrust his hips against me, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I felt him trembling with pleasure and I knew he was close to the edge.

I started to speed up my movements, taking his cock deeper into my mouth and then licking it before sliding it out again. I kept this up until he finally came, his cum flooding my mouth and dripping down my chin. I swallowed it all, savoring the taste and feeling of it as it traveled down my throat.

When he was finished, I smiled up at him and took off my panties, letting him see my wetness. He grinned and moved closer to me, pushing me onto the bed and entering me with one hard thrust. He moved his hips in circles, and I could feel my pleasure building as he thrust faster and deeper.

I started to moan louder, and I could feel his own pleasure building as he moved faster and harder. I reached down and grabbed his ass, pushing him deeper into me as I did so. He started to moan louder and I felt his body trembling with pleasure as his orgasm built up.

He came with a loud moan, pushing his cock deeper into me and spilling his cum inside me. I smiled and wrapped my arms around him, holding him close to me as his body trembled with pleasure. We stayed like that for a few moments, savoring the afterglow of our lovemaking.

As we lay there, I started to tease him again, running my hands down his body and tickling his most sensitive areas. He moaned with pleasure and rewarded me with a lingering kiss. We stayed like that until the morning light started to peek through the curtains, teasing us both with the promise of a new day and many more naughty nights together.

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