Teasing Her Way to Ecstasy

It had started out innocently enough. Natalie had been planning her day to ensure that she had time for a run as well as some quality time with Josh, her husband and love of her life. This particular morning, Josh was working from home, which was always a bonus for Natalie. She was confident that some lunchtime fun was in her near future.

Natalie showered and dressed in a silky nightgown and robe, enjoying the sensation of the fabric trailing through her fingers. She was aware that Josh was in his office at the other end of their home, and she could barely contain her anticipation of their impending rendezvous.

With a little extra sashay in her step, Natalie quietly crept down the hallway, pausing outside of the office door. The sound of Josh’s typing resonated through the door as Natalie opened it slightly and peered inside.

Josh didn’t notice her at first, as his gaze remained focused on the laptop in front of him. She could feel the electricity between them as their eyes briefly connected. Natalie smiled playfully and winked at him, relishing in the knowledge that he desired her as much as she desired him.

Josh grinned back and returned to his work, though it was obvious he was distracted by her presence. When Natalie noticed him attempting to suppress a smirk, she knew that she had him right where she wanted him.

Taking her cue, Natalie stealthily moved across the room, her robe trailing behind her. She ran her hand up the back of his neck and kissed his cheek before crawling into his lap. Josh groaned in pleasure and Natalie felt their desire intertwine, their connection deepening as they nuzzled noses.

Natalie leaned in, her breath tickling his ear as she whispered “Go ahead, finish your work. I will just sit here and tease you until you can no longer focus.”

Josh chuckled and quickly returned to his laptop, though it was obvious that he was having a difficult time focusing on his work. Natalie was determined to have her way though, and began to move her body in an tantalizing way.

She began with a few light brushes of her fingertips against his thighs, sending shivers down his spine. Each time her hand reached a bit higher, Josh gave an audible gasp in response.

Natalie leaned in, letting the fabric of her robe lightly brush against his lower neck as she kissed his cheek. Josh’s breath began to quicken, but still he refused to look away from the laptop.

Not to be deterred, Natalie continued her mission, licking and lightly biting his neck. Finally, Josh could no longer tolerate it and swiveled his chair to face her.

He leaned in, crushing his lips against hers as his hands explored her body in an almost frantic way. Natalie purred in pleasure, loving the way their desire seemed to spark and grow with each passing second.

Josh moved her onto the couch, his eyes blazing with need as he unloosened the sash of her robe. Her body quivered with anticipation as his hands moved slowly along her curves and he kissed every inch of her exposed skin.

Natalie sighed as Josh’s lips found her most sensitive spot, his tongue teasing her most sensitive area. Her mind raced with pleasure as his hands explored and teased, pushing her to the brink of pleasure.

Just as it seemed that she might reach her peak, Josh pulled back, sending her a mischievously smile. Natalie groaned in frustration and need, aching for his touch. She moved to pull him back to her, but he held firm, denying her wish.

Natalie closed her eyes and leaned back into the couch, her body trembling with desire. Josh smiled, letting his hands continue their exploration but never quite giving her what she craved.

Finally, Natalie gathered all of her willpower and pulled back, a wicked smile playing on her lips. She had no intentions of giving in, and she wanted Josh to know it.

Josh groaned, but his need was still evident. He pulled Natalie closer, his mouth finding hers hungrily as their bodies moved in harmony. Natalie shuddered in pleasure as Josh’s hand slid along her body, finally able to provide the touch that she had so desperately needed.

Her body trembled and quaked under his touch, the tension in her body slowly releasing as tranquility consumed her. Josh’s skilled hands brought her closer and closer to ecstasy, until finally she let out a loud scream of pleasure as the orgasm ripped through her.

Josh followed shortly afterward, collapsing against her body in exhaustion as they both lay panting and satisfied. Natalie curled up against his chest, and in that moment she had never felt so blissfully content.

The moment was interrupted only when Josh spoke in a whisper against her ear “So that’s what you meant when you said you were going to tease me all day?”

Natalie smiled against his chest and replied “It seemed the perfect way to spend some time together.”

Josh wrapped her tightly in his embrace and replied, “Indeed it was.”

And with that, Natalie knew she had definitely achieved her goal for the day.

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