Teacher’s Office Fling

It was just another typical day in the teacher’s office: Students shuffling in and out, teachers bustling around grading projects and prepping for the next day’s lessons. But on this particular day, things would take an unexpected and passionate turn of events.

It was late in the evening when the last student had left and the office had quieted down. Sarah, the English teacher, was alone in her office grading some essays. As her eyes scanned the paper in front of her, she heard the sound of a chair being pulled back and turned to see who had joined her in the office. It was her co-worker, Mike, the math teacher.

“Hey, Sarah. I thought I’d drop by before heading out. How’s it going?” he asked.

Sarah smiled and looked up from the paper she had been grading, enjoying the comfort she felt in his presence.

“It’s going well. Just finishing up here for the night. You?”

Mike took a few steps closer and leaned against her desk, his gaze never leaving hers.

“I can’t seem to get you out of my head. All day I’ve been thinking of you and wanting you.”

At those words, Sarah’s heart began to race and a spark of excitement ran through her.

“I feel the same way,” she said.

Without further hesitation, Mike stepped closer, grabbed her face and kissed her passionately. Pennyless, Sarah let out a soft moan as Mike deepened the kiss, her hands finding his neck, his back and his hair.

Their kiss had been enough to set both of their hearts flaming with desire and before either one of them could think, they’d already started to undress each other.

Slowly, Sarah pulled away, catching her breath and looking into Mike’s eyes, her face glowing with arousal. Mike’s gaze had a mix of both passion and tenderness – two things Sarah had so longed for in someone.

For a moment, the two stayed like that, immersed in each other’s gaze. Then, Mike picked Sarah up and laid her down on her office desk. His tongue trailing down her neck, her chest and finally finding the warmth between her legs building up from the desire within. Sarah’s eyes closed as pleasure surged through her body and her mind, the last thought before completely surrendering to her pleasure, being that she was definitely going to get in hot water for this one.

Fast-forwarding, Mike and Sarah lay in each other’s arms on the office floor, Mike’s arm embracing her tightly as both of their chests moved in sync, still processing the intensity of the moment.

Again and again, Mike ran his fingers through Sarah’s hair, planting delicate kisses all over her neck and face.

“I guess I never expected to get in trouble in the teacher’s office. I’m sure we’ll have to figure out a way to explain our way out of this one,” Sarah said, still in shock of what had just happened.

“Don’t worry. I’ll think of something,” Mike replied as he stroked Sarah’s back and pulled her closer.

As the night ended and Sarah was alone in her office getting her things together, she couldn’t help but feel content and happy. What had started as a typical day had ended with her toes still curling in pleasure and Mike’s words still ringing in her ears.

No teacher’s office had ever felt as alive and passionate as it did that night. Sarah was certain that this little fling was just the beginning of something far greater. The thought of being with Mike filled her with excitement and a growing sense of anticipation.

Sarah smiled as she grabbed her things and said goodnight to Mike, knowing that this was not the last time they’d encounter each other in this office. There were definitely more nights of thrilling encounters to enjoy in store.

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