Tasting the Forbidden Fruit of Infidelity

Tasting the Forbidden Fruit of Infidelity

It had been a long day at the office for Thomas. It was the usual busy day, with a few moments of frustration and exhaustion here and there. He was always good at compartmentalizing his work and personal life and knew that when his workday was over, he could go home and relax for a few hours before dinner.

Thomas had been married for three years now and had grown accustomed to the routine of his life. Although he mostly enjoyed it, there were times when he felt a bit bored or unfulfilled. His wife rarely had time for herself, let alone him, and due to their overly hectic lives, they often went days without truly connecting.

This day was no different. As Thomas drove home, he began to feel a familiar longing for something different, something more exciting. He wanted to break out of his mundane existence and experience something new. That’s when he saw her.

She was standing on the corner, looking as seductive as a siren, clearly working as a prostitute. She was dressed in a tight black dress with a plunging neckline and thigh-high stockings. Thomas was taken aback by her beauty and her boldness. He felt a spark of excitement course through his body. He knew he should keep driving, but he couldn’t resist the urge to know more.

Without another thought, he pulled over. He was more than a bit nervous, but he was also feeling incredibly aroused by the thought of infidelity. He felt the thrill of the forbidden as he stepped out of his car and approached her.

They exchanged polite greetings and he asked her what she had to offer. She told him of all the different services, as well as her rates. He negotiated a bit, and they agreed on a half-hour session.

Before he knew it, they were in a hotel room. Thomas felt a wave of anticipation as she began to undress. He watched as she seductively peeled away each piece of clothing, revealing her curves. He quickly felt himself becoming aroused, and she seemed to take note of it. She walked towards him, and he felt the heat radiating from her body.

Without speaking, she moved in close and began to kiss him deeply. Her touch was passionate and her lips tasted like sweet sin. She ran her hands all over his body, exploring and caressing as she went. She then slowly kneeled down and reached for his belt. She slowly removed it and unzipped his pants, never ceasing her sensual kisses.

Thomas felt himself becoming more aroused by the second, and he could barely contain his excitement. He watched as she pulled his underwear down and then took his erection into her mouth. He gasped at the sensation of her hot and wet mouth working its magic. She expertly used her tongue to send him into a state of pure bliss, and before he knew it, he was ready to let go.

She then moved up and positioned her body on top of his. They shared a few more passionate kisses before she slowly began lowering herself onto his hard shaft. Thomas closed his eyes and savored the sensation of her tight heat surrounding him. She moved her hips in a slow and tantalizing rhythm, expertly working him into a frenzy of pleasure.

As the minutes passed, Thomas felt himself losing control. He could feel the orgasm building within him, and he tried to prolong it, but it was too strong. With one final thrust, he released all of his pleasure into her body and felt himself falling into a state of ecstasy.

Afterwards, they shared a few more moments of intimacy before she said her goodbyes and left. Thomas lay there in the dark, feeling satisfied and a bit guilty. He had just experienced something totally new and exciting, but he knew deep down that he could never tell anyone. He had just tasted the forbidden fruit of infidelity, and he couldn’t help but feel a bit naughty. But still, that didn’t stop him from wanting more.

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