Tasting the Forbidden Fruit of Infidelity

Tasting the Forbidden Fruit of Infidelity

There she was, standing in the doorway of the hotel room – her skin glistening with a dewy sheen, her hair flowing like molten gold and her lips curved into a seductive smirk. My heart raced as my eyes roamed her sensuous curves in her tight, ruby-red dress. It was the first time I’d laid eyes on her, but I already knew I wanted her. I wanted to taste the forbidden fruit of infidelity.

The escort had arrived just as promised, and now I had the unique opportunity to fulfill my darkest desires. I’d always fantasized about exploring the thrill of illicit sex with a woman I didn’t even know. Now here she was, in all her untamed glory – and I was ready to take a bite.

I stepped toward her, eager to feel her nearness, and she smiled knowingly as she opened her arms in welcome. Wrapping her in a tight embrace, I automatically let my hands wander over her body – feeling the supple curves of her back and even slipping beneath the hem of her dress. I was captivated by the sensation of her smooth skin, and I felt my arousal mounting with every caress.

My lips began to explore her neck, trailing hungry kisses up to the lobe of her ear. I felt her pulse quicken beneath my mouth, and I knew she wanted me as much as I wanted her. She moaned softly as my hands continued to explore her body – cupping and kneading her flesh with just the right amount of pressure.

Soon the heat of our eagerly sought connection became too much to bear, and we quickly discarded our clothing in a passionate frenzy. Our eyes locked as I gently pushed her onto the bed and began my sensuous assault on her body.

I kissed and licked and sucked my way down her neck, over her breasts and stomach, and finally to her inner most recesses. She writhed beneath me in pleasure as I lavished attention on her sweet spot and even slid a finger inside her, feeling each contraction of her orgasm as it raced through her body.

Next I moved up, positioning myself between her legs as I readied myself to enter her. I felt her muscles tighten around me as I slowly pushed inside her, both of us moaning in pleasure as I sank in deeper and deeper. We moved together, each thrust more powerful and passionate than the last, and soon we both reached the pinnacle of bliss that only comes with the ultimate fusion of two bodies.

When it was all over, I lay sprawled atop her – both of us still panting with exertion. I couldn’t believe how amazing it had been – how I’d tasted the forbidden fruit of infidelity and come away feeling sated and exhilarated. We stayed like that for a while, neither of us wanting to break the spell of the moment.

Eventually, I let myself drift away, knowing I’d never forget the momentary escape that I’d had. I’d tasted the forbidden fruit of infidelity, and it had been better than I’d ever imagined.

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