Taking Chances With Erotic Massage from a Stranger

Taking Chances With Erotic Massage from a Stranger

John had always been an adventurous man. He loved taking risks and whenever he had the chance, he would try something new and exciting. One night, after a long day of work, he decided to try something he had never done before: visiting an erotic massage parlor.

He’d heard the stories of how wonderful the massage could be, and how relaxing and pleasurable it could be, so he decided to take a chance and try it out. He had no idea what to expect, but he was excited to find out.

John arrived at the massage parlor and was immediately amazed. The atmosphere was serene and peaceful, and the music playing was a soothing combination of new age and soft jazz. The receptionist was polite and friendly, and she gave him a tour of the facility and explained how everything worked. He didn’t even realize that he was already becoming aroused by the thought of what was about to come.

The massage room he was shown to was large, luxurious, and inviting. He was asked to disrobe and then given a towel to cover himself with. He was then given a selection of massage oils, lotions, and aromatherapy scents to choose from, and he was asked to take a shower before the massage.

John began the massage, and it was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. His masseuse’s hands were incredibly skilled, and they moved over his body with grace and ease. He felt the tensions and stress melting away as her hands worked their way up and down his body.

He was soon aroused and his body was alive with electricity. As she moved her hands over his chest, he felt his heart pounding with anticipation. He felt himself wanting more and wishing he could take her in his arms and make love to her.

But he fought his urges and instead allowed himself to get lost in the pleasure of the massage. His masseuse then moved her hands lower, and he felt her kneading and caressing his inner thighs. He felt his breathing becoming faster and his body responding to her movements.

John could barely contain himself and he wanted more. He wanted her to move her hands lower, and he wanted her to touch his manhood. He felt his cock yearning for her attention and he was desperate for her to take him in her hand.

But then he remembered that he was a complete stranger to this woman, and he felt ashamed of his desires. He knew it was wrong to want her like that, and he forced himself to keep his urges in check and remain in control.

But then the masseuse did an unexpected move. She moved her hands lower and began caressing his manhood with a tender yet firm grip. He felt his body trembling with pleasure and he was sure he was about to lose control of himself. He wanted her to take him in her mouth and give him the pleasure he desperately craved.

But instead of giving in to his desires, he stayed in control and enjoyed the moment as he reveled in her touch. His body was electrified and it felt like his entire world was spinning. He was in complete awe of this woman, and he wanted to make love to her and show her just how much pleasure she was capable of giving him.

So, after the massage was over, John went back to the receptionist and asked if he could arrange another session with his masseuse. She happily obliged and gave him a date and time for his next appointment.

John couldn’t wait to get back to the massage parlor. He was desperate to experience more of her touch and to explore new depths of pleasure with her. He arrived at the massage parlor and was surprised to find out that they had moved the massage to a private room.

He quickly changed into his robe and was soon enjoying the pleasure that the massage had to offer. This time his masseuse didn’t just touch him with her hands; she began to caress him with her mouth and tongue. His body was on fire with pleasure and he felt like he was about to explode with pleasure.

The pleasure was intense, and he soon found himself begging her for more. She took her time and explored every inch of his body with her mouth and tongue. He felt like she was taking him to heaven and back, and he felt himself melting into her touch.

They continued exploring each other until neither of them could take anymore and finally reached the peak of pleasure. Then, completely spent and exhausted, they both collapsed in each other’s arms and enjoyed the afterglow of their experience.

John left the massage parlor with a feeling of complete satisfaction. Not only had he experienced incredible pleasure, but he had also taken a chance and done something new and exciting. Taking chances and trying new things had definitely paid off this time.

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