Taboo Temptations: An Incestuous Confession

Taboo Temptations: An Incestuous Confession

It was the first time Emily had ever stepped into her parents bed– there was something strange and forbidden about it, something thrilling. She hesitated at the bedroom’s door and she thought she could hear her mother’s soft snores, coming from the grey-haired woman just visible beneath the rumpled bedsheets. But despite the trepidation, Emily couldn’t deny the little thrill of excitement that was creeping through her veins and igniting her conscience with an unnatural want. It was a new feeling, she had no idea what it even meant, but deep down she knew it had something to do with her parents’ bed.

Emily tip-toed across the carpet with gentle, child-like movements, guided as much by instinct as fear. The room smelled of incense and something else intangible, something she couldn’t quite place – but it reminded her of the happy Sundays of her childhood when the family would gather around a hearty dinner.

Her father lay on the bed, on his back, the bedsheets pulled up to his chin. His breathing was slow and measured, his eyes shut, his skin stretched tight around his face – her father looked almost peaceful. She found herself standing just a few feet from the bed, gazing at him in a way she had never looked at him before. For the first time, she truly appreciated her father’s handsomeness and rugged good looks – something she had never noticed before.

As she continued to stare at him, she became aware of the rustle of fabric beside her, and the sound of light breathing. It didn’t take long for her to realize the noise was coming from her mother, whom she had completely forgotten was also in the bed. Emily’s heart raced as she adjusted her gaze in time to catch her mother stretching her arm out towards her father. Emily’s breathing quickened as she watched her mother’s delicate fingers tangle with those of her father’s, both of them gripping onto eachother tightly.

It was the most intimate moment she had ever witness in her life and she felt her heart swell with emotion. But then in the next second, Emily felt a strange and primal urge flood through her body, a surge of energy that she could not control. Her heart began to beat faster and faster and her breathing became erratic. She felt as if she were being pulled by an invisible force and before she fully realized what was happening she found herself laying on the bed in-between her parents.

Terrified that her parents would wake up and see her there, Emily quickly turned away and shut her eyes tightly. But she soon realized that it was too late. Her mother was already awake and had seen her there, lying between them. A strange, awkward silence filled the room and then her mother softly whispered, “Emily, it’s alright.”

It was then that everything fell into place for Emily and she understood the thrilling feeling that had been coursing through her body ever since she had stepped foot into the room. Her parents weren’t just sleeping together, they were in the middle of having sex – and suddenly, Emily realized, so was she.

The thought of being in bed with her parents filled her with a mixture of emotions – terror, anticipation, and something else, something all together more forbidden. When her father pulled her mother closer and kissed her passionately, Emily felt a surge of lustful energy take over her body and before she knew it she was responding in kind. She wrapped her arms around her father’s neck and kissed him deeply, returning his passionate kisses with an intensity that surprised even her.

And then her mother knelt up and pressed her lips against Emily’s, the two women embracing in a passionate, incestuous kiss. Emily felt the surge of emotion rush through her veins again and she embraced her mother, clinging onto her with all her might. All of her fears and inhibitions were forgotten in that moment as the two women explored eachother’s bodies and expressed their forbidden desires.

When it was over, and Emily was left lying between her sleeping parents, she felt exhausted and satiated but also guilty and ashamed of what she had done. But despite her guilt and embarrassment, she couldn’t deny the thrill she had felt from that taboo embrace – the thrill of a forbidden love. From then on, Emily could never look at her parents the same way. She felt an undeniable connection with them that meant something far more than the respect for her parents she had always held. This was something much more powerful, something more intimate and forbidden – a secret act between them that she could never admit to anyone else.

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