Susanna Reid Bra Size

Susanna Reid had always been fascinated by the idea of sex. She’d heard all the stories, seen all the movies, and read all the books. She knew exactly what she wanted out of it and what she expected. She also knew exactly what she had to offer and just how tantalizing her body was.

Susanna had an hourglass figure with curves in all the right places. Her voluptuous chest was so alluring that it left men quivering with anticipation. Her bra size was an impressive 34D and her breasts would proudly swell up against the tight material of the lingerie she preferred to wear. She’d conjure up the image of her body in her mind and she’d feel her skin flush with arousal.

Susanna was ready for something more than just the usual missionary position. She was ready to explore her boundaries and she wanted to feel something more than what she’d felt before. She wanted to feel the domination and submission of a man who knew exactly what he wanted and was going to take it.

Just the thought of it made her pulse quicken and her body tingle with anticipation. She imagined a man, strong and powerful, slowly undressing her and exploring her body, taking in all of her curves, caressing her skin and both of them shuddering with pleasure.

Susanna closed her eyes and let all the sensations wash over her. His mouth dancing over her body, tasting her, exploring her every inch, his hands stroking and grasping, his muscles flexing and his breath hot against her skin. She moaned in delight as her body burned with desire, wanting him, needing him, and craving more.

His hands moved downwards and she gasped as they encircled her waist and pulled her close. His strong arms held her tight, his body pressing against hers, the heat of him penetrating her skin and setting her on fire. She felt his hardness against her and her breathing quickened, her heart racing as she felt her arousal growing and intensifying.

She needed him. She wanted him. She ached for him.

He kissed her hungrily, his tongue exploring her mouth, her neck, her breasts. She could feel her skin heating up as his hands moved lower, his fingers exploring her body, reaching her innermost depths and making her moan with pleasure. She shuddered as she felt his mouth on her thighs, his tongue licking and sucking, bringing her pleasure beyond anything she had ever known.

He moved back up her body and she gasped as he entered her, her body shuddering beneath him with pleasure. Her core burned with desire as he moved in and out of her in an intoxicating rhythm. Her nails dug into his back as he increased his pace and she felt herself being taken away, into a world of pleasure and ecstasy.

His breathing quickened and his body tensed as he thrust harder and deeper into her. Susanna felt her body shudder as her orgasm ripped through her, her body shaking with pleasure. She screamed out as her climax continued to send waves of delight through her body and she felt herself sink into a blissful abyss.

She lay there afterwards, panting and trembling, her body weak with pleasure and her mind swimming with thoughts of the night that had just passed. Susanna Reid had experienced something she had only dreamed of and she knew she would never forget it. She had finally tasted the pleasure that sex could bring and it was something she wanted to experience again and again.