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John was a successful business owner and he often traveled for business. During these trips he often found himself alone in a strange city. He often would take the opportunity to explore the local night life and take advantage of the local adult services that were available. One particular city had a thriving red-light district and John was able to find all manner of services that he could indulge in during his stay. On this particular night, John had decided to visit a local brothel and see what kind of pleasure he could find.

John walked up to the brothel and entered the door. He was greeted by a nice looking woman with a warm smile who welcomed him into the establishment. He was given a tour of the brothel and introduced to the different services that were offered. He noticed that there were several women inside and he was invited to choose whichever one he wanted. John was a bit hesitant but he decided to go for it and choose one of the women.

He chose a stunningly beautiful woman named Maria. She was a submissive escort and she had a look of innocence about her that intrigued John. She led him to one of the private rooms and John couldn’t help himself from feeling slightly nervous. He had never hired a prostitute before and he wasn’t sure what to expect.

Maria smiled at him reassuringly and began to undress. John was mesmerized by her beauty and soon his nervousness began to fade away. Maria told him to sit on the bed and soon she was draped across his lap. She began to kiss him passionately and John felt himself becoming aroused. Her hands explored his body and she made sure to drive him wild with pleasure before they moved on to more intimate activities.

John soon found himself on the bed with Maria straddling him. He entered her slowly, savouring the sensation of her tight warmth engulfing him. Maria was very experienced and she moved her hips in perfect rhythm with his thrusts. She kissed his neck and ran her fingers down his back, exploring every part of him with exquisite skill.

Soon, Maria was having John flip her over and as he entered her from behind, he noticed her whimper slightly in pleasure. John felt pleasure course through his veins as he thrust into her and as he reached his climax, he felt Maria shudder beneath him. They both lay there for a few moments, savouring the moment of shared pleasure before getting off the bed and getting dressed.

John thanked Maria for a truly wonderful experience and thanked the brothel for the opportunity. As he left, he felt a deep satisfaction of sharing an intimate night with a magnificent woman and he vowed to come back and explore the city’s night life in more depth.

John had found a new appreciation for the beauty and pleasure that could be found with a submissive escort and he vowed to enjoy even more intimate moments with Maria in the future.

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