Subjugation of Taboo

The Subjugation of Taboo

She had seen it all before. The man, alone in the corner of the club, eliciting the same feeling of desire and taboo. She knew he wanted her, just as fiercely as she wanted him. Even with all of this, it was the feeling of being in control, the feeling of knowing that she would take him and not the other way around that kept her heart racing.

Her long, silken hair hung down her back like a curtain as she moved across the room, her hips swaying from side to side in an entrancing invitation. She could see the glimmer of his eye as his gaze cast across her curves. She could feel his eyes exploring her in ways that he would never admit.

As she approached, she could smell the leather of his jacket, accompanied with the sweet scent of his musk and a tantalizing exhale of alcohol. His skin was warm against her own and his touch sent electric currents of desire down her spine. She had to struggle to remain in control; this was a game that only she could win.

She pulled back, breaking the electric connection between them as she became more familiar with her domination over this man. His eyes were wide and glassy, filled with an emotion beyond his own understanding. A slight smirk tugged at the corner of her lips, this man was hers.

They left the club, hand in hand, their fingers intertwining in a sign of ownership and possession. He opened the car door for her and, with a pat on the seat, guided her in. She cast him a daring look from the drivers’ seat and told him she was in control. His mouth dropped open and she saw fear cross his face, fear of losing control.

His fear, however, was far outweighed by the heat rolling off of his body when she reached across the center console to caress his inner thigh. She could feel the energy between them intensifying and the drive was nothing if not erotic. She shifted her hand up towards his belt and tugged on the leather loop, connecting them even more.

The car pulled up to an extravagant hotel and he jumped out, eager to follow her orders. He hung his head, not wanting to make eye contact. She guided him through the lobby and up the stairs to the penthouse suite.

The room was luxurious, the sheets were a deep shade of purple, a color that seemed to fit the mood perfectly. Without a word, she pushed him onto the bed and began to explore her body against his.

Every touch was a power move, telling him that she was in control. She teased and tantalized him, pushing him further than he had ever gone into the unknown depths of pleasure and desire. He groaned with each movement and blindly followed her lead, allowing her hands to chart an unknown and forbidden course.

As her lips caressed his neck, her hands moved lower and lower. Across his chest, around his stomach, never venturing too far, but just enough to make him squirm beneath her. The pleasure was too much and he grasped at her, begging her to take him further.

With a satisfied smirk, she finally gave in to his pleas, pushing him onto his back and straddling him. She ran her hands over his body, exploring each muscle and tracing her nails along the sensitive flesh.

His breath was deep and ragged and his hips rose and fell in perfect rhythm with her own. She moved her hips and undulated against him, shifting and thrusting with a tantalizing and powerful force that left him slack jawed and panting beneath her.

The night seemed to move in slow motion as they moved together in harmony, neither able to get enough of the other until finally, with an explosive cry of pleasure, they reached the ultimate climax.

She rolled off of him, spent and satisfied, but still in complete control. With a smug smile and an evil glimmer in her eye, she said “take care,
I must have something more to give you” before slipping out of the suite, leaving his heart pounding and his mind in shock at the subjugation of his taboo desires.

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