Strict Schooling 5 Alma Mater

Alma Mater was always a strict school, with high expectations for everyone and a tightness about the community that kept the students in line. But when it came to sex, there were certain expectations that were not quite as strictly observed.

She was a student of Alma Mater and her name was Ava. She was a good student and she always followed the rules, but she had a secret. Ava was always fascinated with sex and curiosity got the best of her.

One day, she decided to take a chance and do something she had always wanted to do. She snuck out of the school after hours and started to explore the nearby areas. Before she knew it, she had found herself in a seedy part of town, with a few brothels and the like.

She was enticed by the prospect of something different, something naughty, and something exciting. She quickly found herself in one of the brothels and was immediately drawn to a man with a charming smile, who she later found out was called ‘Johnny.’

Johnny was different from most of the other men there. He looked like he belonged to a different social class and he seemed to have a certain sense of sophistication about him. She could not resist his smile, and before she knew it, she was following him up to his room.

Once in the room, Ava was surprised at how comfortable she felt. Johnny had a way of making her feel safe, and she had no qualms about letting him undress her. He began to kiss her body sensually and explore her with his hands and his tongue. She had never felt so relaxed and aroused before.

Johnny’s kisses moved to her neck and then down to her breasts. She gasped in pleasure as his tongue circled her nipples and teased them into hard points. He then moved lower, taking his time to explore her body in detail.

He used his hands to caress her inner thighs and buttocks, moving slowly and exploring every inch of her. He continued to kiss her body until she was completely aroused and panting with desire. It was then that he finally allowed himself to enter her.

Ava moaned with pleasure as he slowly thrust into her, filling her up with pleasure. She felt so alive and so aroused that she could barely contain herself. Johnny seemed to know exactly how to please her and was relentless in his pursuit of her pleasure.

He continued to make love to her until they both felt a powerful orgasm overtaking them. They lay tangled in each other afterwards, both of them completely spent. Ava was amazed at what she had just experienced, and it was something she would never forget.

The next morning, Ava returned to Alma Mater with a new outlook on life. She no longer felt ashamed of her desire for pleasure, and instead embraced it. She felt empowered to make her own choices, and it was all thanks to her experience with Johnny.

Ava had discovered something about herself during her experience with Johnny, and it was something she was determined to keep exploring. She no longer feared the strictness of Alma Mater, and instead embraced the pleasure she found in finally being true to herself.

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