Straight Male First Time Surprise

First Time Surprise – A Straight Male’s Erotic Sex Story

Johnny had been dreaming of this night for weeks. He had heard about the escort service from a friend and was intrigued by the idea of a first time surprise. He had been to the website and filled out all the paperwork, but he still felt uncertain. He was a straight male, but he was intrigued by the idea of experimenting with another man.

The night finally arrived and Johnny nervously got ready. He put on his best suit and checked his hair and grooming in the mirror. He was ready. He had just enough money to afford the service, so he carefully placed it in an envelope along with the paperwork.

He arrived at the address on the website and knocked on the door. He heard subdued laughter on the other side and a voice that said, “Come in.” Johnny opened the door and stepped inside. He saw a handsome, muscular man in a suit standing there. The man introduced himself as “Jack” and welcomed Johnny in.

Johnny looked around nervously. The room was full of beautiful women in lingerie. Jack explained that these women were escorts and that they were there to provide Johnny with a first time surprise. He asked if Johnny was ready and Johnny nodded nervously.

Jack led Johnny over to a bed and instructed him to lay down. He then took off Johnny’s clothes and instructed him to relax. Jack began to caress and massage Johnny’s body. Johnny felt a strong arousal as Jack touched him and he felt himself becoming aroused.

Jack then began to kiss and lick Johnny’s body all over. He paid particular attention to Johnny’s nipples, licking and biting them until they were aching with pleasure. Johnny felt his body trembling with desire as Jack moved lower, licking and kissing his abdomen and inner thighs.

Johnny felt a sharp tingle as Jack kissed his inner thighs and then moved lower. He felt Jack’s tongue exploring his manhood as he gently licked and caressed it. Johnny felt himself getting closer and closer to climax as Jack increased the intensity of his licking.

Jack then moved away and Johnny felt a twinge of disappointment. He looked up to see that Jack had moved away and was now licking and caressing one of the escorts. Johnny watched in fascination as Jack and the escort explored each other’s bodies.

The escort then moved away and Jack approached Johnny again. He told Johnny to lay on his back and spread his legs. Johnny did as instructed and Jack proceeded to lick and caress his manhood. He moved his tongue in circles around the head and shaft, teasing and tantalizing it.

Johnny felt himself getting closer to climax again as Jack increased the intensity of his licking. He felt himself trembling and gasping for air as his body was filled with pleasure. Suddenly, Johnny felt something inside him and he realized that Jack had inserted a finger into his manhood.

As Jack moved his finger in and out, Johnny felt himself getting closer and closer to climax. He felt himself shaking and trembling as his body was filled with pleasure. He let out a loud moan as he felt his body erupting with pleasure. He felt himself spilling his seed as he orgasmed and Jack quickly withdrew his finger.

Johnny lay there panting and trembling in pleasure as Jack and the escort looked on. He had never experienced anything like this before and he felt completely overwhelmed by the experience. He thanked Jack and the escort, who smiled and said, “You’re welcome.”

Johnny walked out of the room feeling dazed and ecstatic. He had just experienced a first time surprise that he would never forget. He felt like a new man, stronger and more confident. He had experienced something that he never thought possible and he was excited to explore his new found desires.

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