Steamy and Sensuous Tales for the Older and Wiser

Once upon a time there was an older man in his late sixties and older woman in her mid-fifties who were very much in love but had never been able to consummate their passion. While they both desired and deeply cared for one another, they simply never found the right time or place to explore the physical side of their relationship.

One day, they made a joint decision to take a week-long vacation together to a beach resort in order to fulfill their mutual wish of finally being able to explore the physical side of their relationship.

The setting for their romantic getaway was picture perfect, with a beautiful beach, warm weather, and picturesque sunsets. Everywhere they went, the couple found themselves stealing glances of one another and exchanging passionate kisses in private moments.

Soon, the atmosphere and the blessedly private setting of their resort convinced them that this was the perfect time for them to finally explore one another in the very intimate way that they had always wanted. That night, they left the resort and wandered down a deserted beach away from the other tourists to find a secluded spot of sand and sea.

Without speaking a single word they both knew what they were there to do. Both of them were overcome with arousal and anticipation as they undressed each other one piece of clothing at a time, leaving them standing nude together against the backdrop of the sandy beach and the crashing waves.

Their hands roamed and explored each other’s bodies, as they allowed their ache of desire to build and grow. With each caress and tender kiss, the overwhelming urge to consummate their relationship seemed to build and build until they could no longer resist it.

Falling to the sand, they explored one another’s bodies passionately, indulging in the deep pleasure that only comes from a mature and sensuous exploration of the other. Exchanging fevered words of encouragement and encouragement with each other, they both expressed their deep love for one another in a way that only comes with time and understanding.

Their passions ignited and the heat between them grew more and more intense until they reached a point of pure ecstasy, exploding and being lost in each other’s embrace.

When the moment of euphoria and passion eventually faded, the couple lay there in perfect exhausted bliss, marveling at the beauty and pleasure of the experience. Finally understanding and fulfilling their mutual physical desire, both of them realized how great a role love plays in the most intimate and passionate of moments.

Hand in hand, the couple returned to their resort and the remainder of their vacation was spent reminiscing, sharing stories, and silently rejoicing in their newfound and shared experience.

For the rest of their lives, they spoke fondly of the night they spent on the beach indulging in their passion and exploring each other in a heightened state of sensuality. Every night thereafter, they could not to help but think back to that night and the lessons they’d learned in the pursuit of an all-consuming and mature love.

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