Starburst Tongue Tangles

Riley had been avoiding her friend Sara for weeks since their last conversation. They had met up after work at a local bar, and despite having a few drinks, Riley was keeping the conversation light. After several beers, Riley’s restraint started to slip away, and she told Sara about her fantasies involving starburst tongue tangles. At first Sara thought Riley was joking, but as she continued to explain her fantasies with detail and enthusiasm, it became clear Riley was serious.

Sara was embarrassed at first, but then she grew curious. She asked Riley if she wanted to turn her fantasies into reality, and Riley of course said yes. The two of them decided to explore their desires further, and began searching for a discreet place where they could satisfy their craving for starburst tongue tangles.

After some searching, they found the perfect place. It was a seedy motel located in a remote corner of town. As soon as they arrived, they could feel the electricity in the air. They decided to rent a room for the night.

Once inside, they wasted no time getting down to business. They stripped down to their underwear and Riley laid down on the bed. She couldn’t wait to experience the starburst tongue tangles she had been dreaming about for weeks.

Sara kneeled beside the bed. She grabbed a tube of flavored lubricant and spread it all over Riley’s body. Riley moaned in pleasure as Sara’s hands explored her body. It felt incredible.

Then Sara started licking Riley’s body with starburst tongue tangles. Starting at her neck, Sara quickly made her way down to Riley’s breasts and then down her stomach. As her tongue danced around Riley’s body, she began to massage her nipples, causing a tidal wave of pleasure to crash over Riley’s body.

Sara moved down further and continued licking Riley’s body with starburst tongue tangles. She teased her inner thighs and then moved lower to her tight little pussy. She explored it with her tongue, sending shivers down Riley’s spine.

When Sara finally reached Riley’s clit, Riley could barely contain herself. The sensation was too much to handle. She grabbed the sheets and pulled them tightly around her body to steady herself. The pleasure was overwhelming.

Sara continued to explore Riley’s body with starburst tongue tangles. She tongued her clit until Riley quivered in pleasure and then moved back up her body. She kissed her neck and Riley’s nipples until Riley was practically dripping with desire.

After a few more moments, Riley grabbed Sara’s hand and pulled her up. She wanted more. Riley grabbed some condoms from the nightstand and placed them on the bed. Then she grabbed Sara and pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

Once their tongues intertwined, Riley could no longer contain herself. She grabbed the condoms and quickly put them on and then mounted Sara. She started to ride her with passionate thrusts and soon orgasms was crashing all around them. Riley felt like she was floating on a cloud.

When it was over, Riley and Sara lay in each other’s arms, exhausted and satisfied. They cuddled for a few moments, and then Riley kissed Sara’s forehead and thanked her for such an amazing experience. They both had enjoyed the starburst tongue tangles and vowed to never forget it.

They left the motel the next morning, memories of the night before still fresh in their minds. They knew they had experienced something special, and nothing could ever take that away.

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