Spontaneous Stranger Sex in the Park

He was standing in the park, looking around as he typically did on a warm summer evening. Everything was so peaceful and calming, and he felt as if all his troubles had melted away. That is, until he noticed someone else in the park. He nervously peered out of the corner of his eye and saw that it was a woman. She was wearing a short skirt and a tight top, and her curves were accentuated by her sexy clothing. He couldn’t help but look at her, and his heart skipped a beat when their eyes met.

He knew that what he was feeling was something that he had never felt before, and he couldn’t help but be drawn to her. She gave him a flirty little smile, and that was all the encouragement he needed to get up and walk towards her. He was nervous and his palms were sweating, but he was determined to make a move.

When he got to her, she welcomed him with open arms. He felt her body against his and it was like electricity was running through him. His palms were no longer sweating, but his heart was racing and his breathing was heavy. She smiled at him and asked if he wanted to take a walk.

He did and they strolled around the park, talking and getting to know each other. He told her all about himself, and she shared some things with him too. She told him that she was looking for some spontaneous and naughty fun and wondered if he was up for it.

He gulped, but nodded his head, and she took his hand and led him to a more secluded part of the park. She pushed him up against a tree and kissed him passionately. He wanted to touch her but he was afraid of going too far. She sensed this and undid his shirt, revealing his chest and stomach. She ran her hands over his body and he shivered, the touch sending sparks all throughout his body.

He wanted her more and more, and before he knew what was happening they were taking each other’s clothes off. He couldn’t believe it was happening, and he felt alive in a way he had never felt before. She kissed him on the neck, and grabbed his butt, pulling him closer to her.

He felt as if his body was on fire as they explored each other’s bodies with their hands. She guided his hands to her breasts, and he felt the softness of her skin and the hardness of her nipples. He loved the way she felt and he wanted more, and she kissed his neck again as she unbuckled his belt.

He felt her hand slowly slide down and she cupped his manhood in her hand. He shuddered, and she smiled as she slowly started to stroke him. He was so aroused he could barely stand it, and he wanted to reach out and touch her too. He let his hands roam her body, cupping her butt and feeling the wetness between her legs.

He stepped forward, pushing his manhood against her and she moaned as he slid inside her. He felt like he was in a dream, their bodies moving together in perfect harmony. They both moved faster, and she grabbed his hair and pulled him closer as he thrust into her. He felt her orgasm coming, and he quickened his pace before he let out a loud groan as he also felt his release.

They both lay on the grass afterwards, trying to catch their breath. He couldn’t believe what had just happened, and how good it had felt. He had never felt like that before, and he was glad he had taken a chance and found someone who was up for some spontaneous, naughty fun. He was sure that this experience would always stay with him.

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