Spanking Schooldays

Spanking Schooldays

It was the first day of school and Claire was anxious. She had just transferred from another school and she didn’t know anyone here. She anxiously walked into the school and she was immediately awe-struck. Everything was so new and beautiful. As she walked to homeroom, Claire couldn’t help but notice the spanking paddle hanging on the wall. She wondered what it was for but she didn’t have time to ask.

Claire was surprised to find out that spanking was a common punishment at the school. She was even more surprised when the principal asked her to come to the office for a spanking before the day began. She had never been spanked before and was nervous but she couldn’t deny the anticipation she felt deep down.

When she arrived at the office, the principal gave her a long lecture about why spanking was necessary and why it was beneficial. He then took her over his lap and gave her 10 hard swats with the paddle. She couldn’t believe how much it stung and as the pain settled in she couldn’t help but think how naughty she was.

When the spanking ended, Claire felt a strange pleasure throughout her body. She had never felt anything like this before and the feeling was amazing. She thanked the principal and went off to class.

Throughout the day, Claire couldn’t get the spanking out of her mind. The feeling of that paddle on her bottom had an effect on her. When she got home, she explored her newfound interest in spanking. She quickly found out that there were a lot of people online with the same interests and they were all willing to teach her more.

Claire soon found herself in the arms of strangers who taught her the different types of spanking and the dynamics of BDSM. She was quickly hooked and was eager to learn more. She soon progressed to harder and more intense spankings. She even went to a sex club that specialized in spanking.

At the sex club, Claire explored her wild side. She experienced different types of spanking and bondage. She soon found out that she was incredibly submissive and loved being spanked. The feeling of the paddle and the powerful hands of the spankers was something that she just couldn’t get enough of.

The days of spanking school soon turned into weeks and Claire was becoming an expert in BDSM and spanking. She found that it was something that made her feel powerful and in control. She soon found that she wanted to be spanked all the time.

Claire eventually graduated from the school and decided to take her passion for spanking to a professional level. She soon became a professional spanker and was taking on clients from all over the world. She quickly found that she was really good at it and she loved every minute of it.

Claire soon found that she was making more money than she ever thought possible. She was living a wild and crazy lifestyle, making money doing what she loved and spanking people in her spare time. She was living the dream.

Claire eventually opened her own spanking club where she could take on even more clients and teach them the art of spanking. She was able to make a very good living and had the best of both worlds. She was able to spank people for a living and get paid for it.

Claire’s spanking schooldays were some of the best of her life. She learned so much about herself and discovered a passion that she never knew she had. She enjoyed every minute of it and she still loves to spank to this day.

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