Spanking Needs

Sarah was a young woman and she had heard about spanking and was curious. She had read about it in books and had heard people talking about it in bars. She wanted to try it and find out what it was all about.

One night after dinner she decided to call up a professional spanking service. She was a bit nervous but she had made the decision and was ready to go ahead. A few minutes later she had arranged an appointment at a nearby spanking studio.

When she arrived at the studio, she was met by a receptionist who welcomed her and asked her to fill out some paperwork. The receptionist also handed her a small card with a few instructions about preparing for the session. Sarah was a bit intimidated by the idea but she was also very excited and could not wait to get started.

The spanking technician then took her back to a private room. He asked her to remove her clothing and told her to lie face up on the spanking bench. He then began to spank her lightly with a leather paddle. He explained that he was going to warm up her bottom before he moved onto more intense levels of spanking.

As the spanking session progressed, Sarah began to become aroused and enjoy the sensations she was experiencing. The technician then moved on to be more intense spanking with implements such as a cat o’nine tails and a cane. He did not stop until Sarah was almost in tears and her bottom was a deep rosy pink.

When the session was over, Sarah felt a deep sense of satisfaction and pleasure. She thanked the technician and made another appointment for the following week.

For the next few weeks, Sarah continued to enjoy her spanking sessions. She soon found out that the more she was spanked, the more aroused she became and the more intense the pleasure she experienced during sex. She even started to experiment with different positions and techniques, finding out what felt good for her and her partner.

One day, Sarah decided to take things a step further and booked an appointment at a nearby BDSM bar. When she arrived, she was met by a dominatrix who was dressed in leather. She asked Sarah to strip down to her underwear and followed her instructions.

The dominatrix then put on a pair of leather restraints and blindfolded Sarah. She then used various hot waxes and whips to increase the intensity of the sensations. She then proceeded to spank Sarah with a variety of implements, from leather paddles and straps to metal implements and feather dusters.

At the end of the session, Sarah was in a state of bliss and felt completely relaxed and open. She thanked the dominatrix for the pleasurable experience and promised to book another session soon.

From that day on, Sarah has been a regular at the BDSM bar and can now consider herself a true spanking enthusiast. She has even started teaching classes so others can enjoy the same pleasure she does.

It’s safe to say that Sarah has truly embraced her new hobby and that she will never forget the incredible sensation of spanking and BDSM.

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