Spanking 101

Spanking 101: A Hot Sex Story

Max and Eva had been together for a while, but they had only just started to explore the world of kinkier sex. Having been together for a while, they decided it was time to take the plunge and try something new.

When Max first introduced the idea of spanking to Eva she was a little intimidated. She had never been spanked before and wasn’t sure how it would feel. But he reassured her that it could be fun and she tentatively agreed to give it a try.

Max began by teaching Eva some basics of spanking. He explained the importance of making sure to start slow and gradually increase the intensity as her body adjusted to the sensations. He showed her how to lightly tap her bottom with his hand and gradually increase the pressure as she became accustomed to it. He also showed her how to apply more pressure if she desired.

Once Eva was feeling more comfortable with the idea of spanking, Max decided to take things up a notch. He began using a variety of tools, such as a flogger and paddle. He was careful to only apply light pressure at first, but as she became more aroused he upped the intensity.

As Eva’s pleasure increased, Max began to add in some verbal encouragement and instruction. He would whisper into her ear how she was doing and let her know what he wanted her to do. This increased their connection even more and Eva became more willing to experiment.

One evening they decided to take things to the next level. Max blindfolded Eva and instructed her to lay down on the bed. He then began to use a variety of new tools, such as a feather and a crop. Eva was slightly apprehensive at first, but soon began to forget all her inhibitions.

Max was gentle, but firm. He slowly drove her wild with desire as he alternated between the crop and his hands. He ran the crop over her body and spanked her in all the right places. As Eva neared orgasm, Max added in a little light bondage. He tied her hands to the bed as he teased her with the crop.

When Eva finally reached her orgasm she felt as if she had been taken to another level of pleasure. She felt completely satisfied and completely fulfilled.

Now, whenever Max and Eva want to do something different, they often go back to the basics of spanking. Eva loves how it feels and Max enjoys watching her reaction as she gets increasingly aroused. Spanking has become an essential part of their sex life and they both look forward to trying something a little bit more daring every once in awhile.

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