Smacked Arse

Smacking Arse: A Passionate Sex Story

The night was sultry and passionate. Two lovers embraced in a passionate embrace, the smell of arousal surrounding them like a fog. His hands gently caressed her curves as his lips found her neck, softly tracing her delicate collarbone. She sighed in pleasure, arching her back into him and pressing her curves into his body. His mouth moved over hers, exploring every inch of her with an eagerness that only increased her desire.

Her head spun with pleasure, and she felt like she was in a trance. His hands moved lower, exploring her curves, before finally coming to rest on her buttocks. He gave her a gentle squeeze, and then smacked her right buttock with more force.

She gasped, the sudden pain and pleasure sending shockwaves through her body. His hand moved again and he began to spank her with a gentle rhythm, the intensity of her pleasure rising with each smack. He moved his hand to her other buttock, delivering the same treatment and increasing her pleasure even further.

He removed his hand and began to caress her buttocks, rubbing them gently and stimulating her. His mouth moved over hers once again, and she felt herself melting into his arms. He began to move his hands lower, stroking and teasing her most sensitive areas. Her mind went blank as sensations coursed through her body, overwhelming her with pleasure.

He moved lower still, his hands exploring her inner thighs, before eventually reaching her throbbing core. His fingers explored her, pressing and massaging her. He found her clitoris and began to tease it, driving her crazy with desire.

As her pleasure built, he moved his hand back to her buttocks, smacking her harder and faster. He moved between her legs, positioning himself between them. His thrusts became more intense, as if his whole body was filled with an energy that needed to be released.

She felt her orgasm building inside her and let out a moan of pleasure as it burst forth, her body trembling with pleasure. As she lay panting in bliss, he continued to thrust deep into her, smacking her buttocks with each thrust. His smacks were becoming faster and more intense, sending intense pleasure coursing through her body as he brought her to a second, even more intense orgasm.

When he finally finished, she lay there in a daze, her body willing but unable to move. He collapsed next to her and held her close, both of them lost in the bliss of the moment. Even from that position, she could still feel the lingering sensations the smacking had left on her buttocks, and she smiled in satisfaction.

In the days that followed, she couldn’t help but think about that night and the pleasure he had given her. Smacking had become a regular part of their lovemaking, always taking her to pleasure heights she had never imagined. With each session, her desire for him would only increase and her pleasure only expand.

She soon realized that smacking was more than just a form of foreplay; it was an integral part of their lovemaking and had become a passion for them both. Even when they weren’t engaged in sex, she would often ask him to spank her just to feel the rush of pleasure that it provided.

Smacking had become an essential part of their relationship and they both enjoyed it immensely. In the heat of the moment, it was a way for them to reach new heights of pleasure, and out of it, it was something that reserved them both with a special kind of bond.

For them, smacking was no longer just a naughty little pleasure; it had become a passionate and powerful part of their relationship.