Sister Lingerie

Sister Lingerie – a Story of Hot Sex

It was a hot summer day in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the air was filled with the sound of slot machines, laughter and the excitement of people gambling their luck. Sister Lingerie had been working the strip for a few months, making a good living as an escort for the wealthy gamblers who frequented the city.

She had been an escort for a few years now, and had grown accustomed to the life of pleasure and indulgence that it provided. This particular client, however, caught her eye. He was handsome, wealthy and oozing with confidence, and the possibility of a naughty night of sex, was more than enough to make her heart flutter.

The client took her to a beautiful hotel suite, where he began to undress her. His hands were gentle yet firm and he caressed every curve of her body. She moaned in ecstasy as he traced his lips down her neck, to her breasts. His mouth felt like velvet as he teased each nipple, and she couldn’t help but arch her back as his tongue made circles around them.

She felt herself becoming incredibly aroused, and as his hands began to wander further down her body, her breathing became labored. She felt like she was on fire as his hands finally found their way to her inner thighs, and with little effort, he parted them and discovered her aching wetness.

He gently teased her clit with his finger, and she shuddered in pleasure as her body begged for more. He then made his way down to her tight ass, and with his tongue, teased and explored every inch of it, making her moan and squirm with pleasure.

Finally, he moved back to her pussy, and with his tongue and fingers, drove her to the edge of insanity. As he licked and sucked on her clit, she felt her orgasm building, and before long, it was so intense that she could barely contain herself.

He then moved back to her chest, kissing and sucking each breast, before moving further down and taking her throbbing clit into his mouth. As his tongue flicked and teased her, she let out a string of moans and screams of pleasure, as she lost control of her body.

The intensity was so strong that she felt like she was going to pass out, and as the orgasm hit full force, she felt her body quiver and shake, her legs trembling and her pussy oozing with pleasure.

When she had finally calmed down, he kissed her tenderly, and they lay in each other’s arms, their bodies still shaking with pleasure. In that moment she felt loved and cherished, and vowed to never forget this moment.

The night had been magical, and although she was an escort, she had never felt more loved or cherished by a man before. From that night on, Sister Lingerie made sure to always bring her best lingerie for her clients, and her reputation grew, pleasing all the wealthy and powerful men who frequented Las Vegas. She had come to know their desires and to satisfy their deepest fantasies, and soon she was known as the city’s best kept secret.

Sister Lingerie was desired by all and with each client, the intensity of her orgasms increased. Every night was different, with different fantasies and different pleasures being explored. Her reputation spread, and soon she was getting invitations to all the hottest and most exclusive parties, where she was the toast of the town.

She had never felt so alive, so in control of her own sexuality and desires, and it showed in her confidence and her attitude. Her clients could not get enough of her and they kept coming back, each time offering her more money and more pleasure than the last.

Sister Lingerie had become the ultimate fantasy and her name was not just a name, it was an experience that no one could forget. She was the best kept secret in Las Vegas and she had found a new way to make money and to be in control of her own life. She had found her passion, and she was living it to its fullest.

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