Sex Position Roulette

Sex Position Roulette

They had been dating for a few months and their relationship was quickly blossoming. As they grew more comfortable with each other, their sex life improved too, and they started to experiment with different positions. Of course, sometimes it got a little boring, so one night, they decided to spice things up a bit with something new.

That’s when they came up with the idea of Sex Position Roulette. They took a deck of playing cards and, one by one, they would draw a card and then try the corresponding sex position. It was an interesting way to add some excitement and spice up their love life.

The first card they drew was the jack of spades. After doing a quick search on the Internet, they discovered that meant “The Reverse Cowgirl”. The man laid on the bed and the woman straddled him, facing away from him. It was an incredibly hot position and they both loved it. The man had an amazing view and the woman felt incredibly powerful. They both felt an explosive orgasm within a few moments.

The next card was the six of diamonds which indicated the “Spooning” position. This time, the woman laid on her side facing the man and the man spooned her from behind. It was a lazy and intimate position that made them both feel incredibly close. They could feel each other’s heartbeats and the man could caress her body with his hands. The woman loved the tenderness of the position and the man loved that he could access her most intimate areas.

The third card was the queen of clubs. After doing their research, they found out that it meant the “69” position. They both lay on their sides facing each other and pleasured each other orally. The man loved the opportunity to give his lover pleasure while at the same time receiving pleasure himself. The woman loved the feeling of his tongue exploring her body as her own tongue explored his. They both climaxed within just a few minutes, a powerful and intense orgasm that left them both trembling with pleasure.

The fourth card was the ace of hearts which meant “The Reverse Missionary”. The man laid on his back and the woman laid on top of him facing him. This position was incredibly intimate and passionate as the man was able to enter her from below and caress her breasts and face with his hands. It was a very sensual position and the man loved the feeling of her body pressed against his. The woman loved the feeling of his hands on her body and the way he seemed to be worshipping her with his touch. They both climaxed at the same time, the explosive pleasure pushing them both over the edge.

The fifth card was the ace of spades which meant “The Standing Up” position. This was a daring and adventurous position as the man had to lift the woman up and hold her with her legs wrapped around his waist. He loved the feeling of having her completely under his control and the woman loved being in such a dominant position. They both experienced an intense orgasm as they moved in perfect harmony, forging an even stronger connection between them.

The sixth card was the king of clubs and it meant “The Doggy Style” position. The man knelt on the bed behind the woman and entered her from behind. She loved the sensation of being taken from behind and the man loved having such an incredible view of her body. They both felt incredibly aroused in this position and the man was able to reach her G-spot and bring her to a powerful orgasm. The man also experienced an intense orgasm, a real explosion of pleasure that seemed to last forever.

By the end of the game, they were both breathless and exhausted but incredibly satisfied. They had discovered a new way to have fun and spice up their sex life and they both loved it. Sex Position Roulette was a great way to discover new and exciting positions and it had definitely brought them closer together.

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