Schoolgirl’s Initiation to Pleasure

The day she had been anticipating for the past two months had finally arrived. She was off to the first day of school. A day full of unknown possibilities.

As she rode the bus to the new high school, her thoughts invariably wondered to the task that was looming ahead of her. For tonight, she was to be initiated into the realms of pleasure. What kind of pleasure was it? Was she ready and prepared?

She had heard that the school contained a secret room, an area that was off limits to most students, but held an initiation rite for those chosen and deemed worthy enough to undertake it.

The afternoon bell rung, and classes had ended. She quickly darted to the back of the classroom, and concealed herself in the corner. No one was around now and she was safe in her hiding spot. Anticipating, she heard a noise in the room.

The noise was coming from the walls, ears popping out and watching the woman scurry across the room. Fastening a key on the inside of the wall, the phenomena opened up and an opening of about four feet in diameter led her to a dark, unknown area.

A warm, gentle hand grabbed her by her shoulder and led her into the unknown.

In a state of shock, she carried on through the dark staircase, a pool of cushioned pillows awaiting her at the bottom of it. All seemed surreal. Was this even real?

“Your initiation begins now” said a soft husky voice. She had never seen this woman before. She was about her height and was wearing a robe similar to those worn by monks in libraries. She sensed assurance radiating from this woman, that what she was doing would be safe and meaningful.

The woman handed her a drink, a luxurious smelling liquid with a little bit of cinnamon in it. It was a peculiar drink as it made her feel relaxed yet energized at the same time.

The woman proceeded to explain to the schoolgirl the ritual that she was about to take part in. It was an initiation into pleasure, and it would help her explore her body and discover new avenues of sexual pleasure.

The woman taught her the basics of pleasuring herself, using her hand and fingers to stimulate various parts of her body. The schoolgirl was taught to identify her erogenous zones and how to tease, tantalize and knock down any barriers that she perceived were in her way.

The schoolgirl embraced the lessons, learning and experimenting as she went along. Her body seemed to take on a life of its own, with waves of sensations coursing through her veins and her internal fire bubbling and burning with intensity. She was enthralled.

The schoolgirl soon discovered that oral pleasure could also be incredibly arousing. With the help of her teacher, she learned how to stimulate her clitoris with her mouth and tongue, and also how to use her hands and fingers to tantalize and excite herself.

Her teacher also taught her the basics of anal sex, introducing her to the world of prostate and anal stimulation. The schoolgirl was surprised by how much pleasure and excitement this form of penetration could provide.

By the end of her initiation, the schoolgirl had learned and explored different avenues of sexual pleasure. Her teacher had given her a deeper understanding of what male and female arousal meant, and how the female body reacted to different types of stimulations.

Her teacher encouraged her to be creative and explore her own body in many different ways. Learning about these different types of pleasure opened her eyes to an entirely new world of possibilities.

The day had passed in a blur, but the schoolgirl knew that she had learned something incredibly valuable from her initiation into pleasure. As she stepped out of the secret room, the warm night air was soothing on her skin. She felt rejuvenated and empowered.

The schoolgirl had been accepted into a new world, one that brought pleasure and excitement beyond her wildest dreams. She had experienced physical and mental pleasure, knowledge and understanding. This was her initiation into pleasure and she had passed with flying colors.

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