School Open Day Ch 1

Mandy was a dedicated and hard-working teacher, who was eager to make a good impression on the parents and children attending the school’s Open Day. As the day wore on and she gave the tours and answered the queries, she found herself feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. She was glad when the Open Day drew to a close, and she could go home to a peaceful evening.

But when she arrived home, she discovered her housemate, Steve, was also home. He had been invited by one of the parents to attend the Open Day and he had decided to take a break and come home.

Mandy felt a frisson of excitement running up and down her spine as Steve approached her. She had always felt an intense attraction for her housemate, but never acted on it. But today, she felt a longing burning within her which she could no longer ignore.

Steve must have sensed her need, for he slowly drew her into his arms, his lips finding hers with a hunger which she had never known before. Mandy felt her body responding with a passion which she had never felt before.

They slowly made their way to the living room and soon found themselves on the couch, Steve’s hands exploring her body as his lips seared her own with a passionate hunger. He began to remove her clothes, his mouth and tongue worshipping each part of her body as it was revealed.

Mandy had never felt so desired before and her desire quickly reached fever-pitch. She wanted Steve inside her and as if reading her mind, he was soon pleasuring her with his hard cock. She closed her eyes as she felt him thrusting into her over and over, pushing her closer to the edge of pleasure with each stroke.

He quickly changed his position and soon they were in a passionate embrace as they made love. Mandy felt herself being taken away on a wave of pleasure which she had never before experienced.

When they finally collapsed, sated, into each other’s arms, Mandy knew she had found something special in Steve. She couldn’t help but feel a sense of joy and happiness which she had not known before.

The Open Day had been a success for the school, but for Mandy, it had also been the start of something much greater. She had opened her heart and found love, something which she had not expected to find.

As she drifted off to sleep in Steve’s arms, she knew that the Open Day had been more than just a day of school visits and answering questions. It had been a day of discovering the love of her life, and she was more than content.

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