Sarah Goes Dogging

Sarah Goes Dogging

It was the night of Sarah’s first ever dogging adventure, and the night could not have been more perfect. She had done her research and knew that dogging was a risky endeavour, and yet, she couldn’t help but be excited by the prospects of what was to come.

Sarah had been told by her friends that she would need to wear something that was sexy and slutty, so she went to the back of her closet and pulled out her favorite black mini skirt and lacy top. She felt her heart beating faster as she quickly got dressed, eager to express her sexuality.

When she arrived at the dogging spot, she was surprised to find several cars already there and filled with people. She was slightly nervous, but excited, as she got out of her car and made her way over to the gathering.

“Hi,” one of the guys said as she walked up, his eyes slowly studying her body.

Sarah smiled and shyly introduced herself. His name was Tom, and he seemed nice enough. As he talked to her, she soon found out that he had dogged with a few women before, and he was eager to show her the ropes.

Tom walked her around to the different areas of the dogging spot and explained to her where and why people liked to do this sort of thing. As he spoke, Sarah found herself growing increasingly aroused, from the thrill of it all.

When they finally reached the spot where dogging usually takes place, Sarah’s heart started to race. There were a few couples already there, and they all looked so sexy and aroused.

Tom motioned towards a clearing, and Sarah followed him. He handed her a blindfold, and she put it on eagerly. The darkness and the anticipation was almost too much to bear.

He guided her to a tree and told her to lean against it, with her back facing him. Then he began to kiss her neck and caress her body, working his way down her stomach and then further down still.

She felt her body trembling and her legs beginning to quiver. As his hands moved down the back of her legs, she moaned with pleasure. He moved his hands back up towards her waist and undid her skirt, letting it drop to the ground.

Sarah felt his fingers wander down her thighs as he explored her wetness and she gasped as he rubbed her clit. His tongue followed and soon found its way inside her, tasting her essence and making her quiver with delight.

Tom then moved up and started to kiss her neck and face again, his hands roaming freely across her body. He then took off his own clothes and positioned himself, so that his hard cock was pressed against her.

He began to thrust into her and she groaned in ecstasy as he filled her completely. She felt like she was floating on a cloud and the sensations were so powerful that she almost couldn’t take it.

Tom then picked up the pace and as his body moved faster, Sarah felt her own pleasure build up, until it finally exploded into a million stars. She felt herself screaming in pleasure and Tom soon followed suit, with his orgasm crashing through him.

They stayed there for a few moments, cuddling afterwards and letting the sensation wash over them. As they listened to the sounds of the night, they knew they had just experienced something incredible.

When they returned to Sarah’s car, she felt a sense of freedom and exhilaration that she had never experienced before. Dogging had been a wild and thrilling experience for her, and she knew that she would be back for more.

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