Sally Cinnamon Tab

Sally Cinnamon Tab had been a professional escort for nearly two years, and she was known all around the city as the hottest and naughtiest slut on the block. She had an incredible body, curves in all the right places, and an air of confidence that caught the eye of every man she passed. She was a real head-turner.

It had been a slow night for business, and she was getting desperate for something to do. She was bored and needed a little excitement. That’s when she spotted him. He was tall and slender, with a chiseled jaw and piercing blue eyes, a face that looked like it had been chiseled out of a Greek statue. He was perfect.

Sally was immediately drawn to him, and he to her. She could see the desire in his eyes, and she decided to take a chance and approach him. She walked up to him, her body moving with a languid grace that made him instantly smitten.

“Hey,” she said with a sly smile, her voice like honey. “My name’s Sally Cinnamon Tab. I’m an escort if you’re looking for a little fun. Interested?”

The man nodded, unable to speak, and let her lead him away from the crowd. She could tell he was aroused and excited, his body trembling with anticipation.

Once they were alone, she looked him directly in the eyes and said, “I make the rules, understand? I’m the one in charge here. If you don’t do as I say, you get nothing. So, are you ready to do what I say?”

The man nodded again, still unable to form words, and she smiled wickedly as she started to unbutton his shirt. She could see every muscle in his body, and her fingers lingered on his skin, exploring and caressing it until he was trembling with pleasure.

Next, she started to kiss his neck and chest, running her fingers through his hair and licking his nipples. He gasped in pleasure as her tongue worked its magic, and soon she was unzipping his pants and pulling his member out. She could see it was already hard and ready for her, and she licked the head teasingly before taking it fully into her mouth and started to suck it, gently at first and then with increasing intensity.

The man moaned with pleasure as she moved her head up and down and around his shaft, her hand massaging his balls and her tongue working its way from the base all the way to the tip. His body was shaking uncontrollably, and soon he was close to coming.

Sally sensed his excitement and pulled away, letting him take a few deep breaths before pushing him onto the bed. She straddled him, rubbing her body against his as she ground her hips into his, the hot wetness between her legs making him moan with pleasure.

“Don’t move,” she said, and he followed her orders, letting her do all the work as she rode him, her tight pussy gripping him tightly as her orgasm slowly built. He kept his hands off her, wanting to make it last, and soon she was screaming in pleasure, her breath coming out in gasps as she rode him with wild abandon, her orgasm coming in waves.

Finally, she collapsed on top of him, panting and sweaty and exhausted. He held her close, and the two of them lay there for a few moments, content, until finally, he thanked her and she got dressed and went on her way.

It had been one of the hottest and most intense experiences of either of their lives, and from then on, Sally Cinnamon Tab was the only escort he ever wanted. She’d become the standard against which all other experiences would be measured.

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