Rory And Jess Fanfiction

Rory And Jess: A Hot Night Under the Moon

Rory and Jess had been sneaking around each other for months. They had chemistry, but hadn’t had the courage to make a move. Finally, one Friday night, their desires got the best of them and they took a chance to explore each other’s bodies.

As the sun set and the moon rose, the two slipped away from their friends and snuck away to a secluded area. They both had the same thing in mind.

Rory arrived first and waited nervously in the dark for Jess. When he arrived, Rory could feel her heart racing and her skin tingling with anticipation.

Jess approached her slowly, until he was standing just inches away from her. He looked deep into her eyes and began to kiss her passionately. His lips moved over hers, caressing them softly as he explored her mouth. She melted into him and let herself be consumed by their embrace.

Their hands moved over each other’s bodies, exploring, finding their way around each other’s contours. Their clothes were soon off and they were pressed together, skin to skin. Rory was totally taken in by the moment and felt as if she was in a dream as she let herself surrender to Jess’s touch.

Jess explored her body, kissing, licking and nibbling as he moved his hands over her body. His hands reached between her legs, finding her wet and ready for him. Rory moaned in pleasure as he slowly inserted a finger into her. She gasped as she felt his finger move against her inner walls. He added a second finger and she couldn’t help but arch her back in pleasure, Jess kissing her neck and shoulders as he moved in and out of her.

Jess shifted, positioning himself between Rory’s legs. He pressed himself against her and she gasped as she felt his hard cock pushing against her. She was more than ready, and she moaned as he started to slide inside her. The sensation was like nothing she had ever felt before and she was quickly consumed by the pleasure.

Jess moved inside her, taking her higher and higher as he thrust in and out of her. She felt like she was in a trance, all that existed were the two of them and the pleasure they were experiencing. She clung to him and moaned as her orgasm approached.

Jess felt her body beginning to quiver and knew she was close, and he increased his thrusts, pushing her closer to the edge. She cried out in pleasure as her orgasm swept over her, her body shaking and her breathing coming in short, sharp gasps. Jess soon followed, his body shuddering as he emptied himself inside her.

They collapsed onto the ground and lay there, panting and holding each other. The moon shone down on them and in that moment, Rory knew that this was the start of something beautiful.

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