Rooftop Rendezvous

It was a hot summer night and Dean was out on the rooftop of an abandoned apartment complex in a lively part of town, looking for some no strings attached action. He had been traveling around the city a lot lately and had been burning the candle at both ends as of late, which meant he was looking for some activity tonight that he could enjoy without any expectations of the night turning into something beyond a physical encounter.

It was the type of heat that made you want to rip your clothes off and bask in the sun, and Dean was feeling it more than ever. He’d been wanting to get some alone time with a man who could scratch his itch and give him the emotional and physical satisfaction he’d been craving since he’d arrived in the city.

Dean had frequented a few bars in the area and had been searching for someone special, someone who he can feel comfortable around and who could finally give him the release he so desired. It was a true testament to the power of the internet that he was able to find this rooftop rendezvous so quickly; someone else must have done the same and all of them had been brought together by one common interest, and that was finding someone to make all their fantasies become reality, even if it was just for one night.

The night had grown darker and the city was bustling below, but up on the roof Dean was the only one there. He took a seat on the chairs that had been set up and waited, looking at the stars above and enjoying the warm summer breeze that blew by. He felt relaxed and satisfied with his decision to come and looking forward to meeting someone new and exciting.

After about half an hour, Dean heard footsteps coming up the stairs and his heart started to race. He was happy the wait was over and the anticipation was racing through his entire body. He peered over and saw a tall figure walking up the stairs and onto the rooftop, wearing a sharp black suit, a dark grey dress shirt, and a pair of black dress shoes.

Dean was taken aback, he’d never seen anyone so handsome and masculine. He stood up and walked over, introducing himself and shaking the man’s hand. The man smiled and said his name was David. They exchanged a few polite words and then David’s voice deepened and he told Dean that he was interested in a physical encounter. Dean felt the butterflies in his stomach and knew he had made the right choice coming up here.

The moonlight lit up the rooftop and the lights of the city twinkled in the background. They started to kiss and explored each other’s bodies passionately. They moved around the rooftop, touching and exploring each other. As they moved around they started to remove pieces of clothing; soon they were both standing in the nude, exploring each other’s bodies with curiosity and desire.

David moved down to Dean’s groin and started to tease him, making him moan and whimper. Dean felt the pleasure radiating through his body and asked for more, gripping onto David’s shoulders as he was filled with desire. Finally, Dean asked for what he had wanted for so long, to make love. David smiled and got into position as Dean laid down on the cool rooftop.

They continued to kiss and explore each other as David moved over Dean and entered him slowly. Dean felt his body react with pleasure as David teased and explored his entrance. David then started to thrust in and out of Dean and they both felt the pleasure increase. Dean clung onto the ledge of the rooftop and moaned and whimpered in delight.

The pleasure kept increasing and their bodies moved together in sync as they reached their climax together. Dean felt satisfied and relaxed when they both finished, their bodies sated and their minds at ease.

Dean and David stayed there for the rest of the night, cuddled up together and talking about their lives and their future plans. They both knew it could never be more than a one-night stand, but the pleasure and satisfaction they experienced that night was enough for them to keep the memory close to their heart.

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