Roo Irvine Sexy

Roo Irvine Sexy was desperate. It had been months since she’d been with a man and while the occasional date or date night had been great, she needed something more to satisfy her needs. Desperation had led her to a nearby red-light district, a place she’d never been before and was far out of her comfort zone. That night, as she walked down the street, no one paid her any attention, which was a relief.

But her relief quickly turned to trepidation when she spotted a sign on the corner announcing a newly-opened brothel. With a shaking hand, she reached for the door and stepped inside.

Roo had never been in a place like this before and it was more than a little intimidating. She looked around nervously, wondering if any of the other women there were looking at her with judgmental eyes. But then, it didn’t really matter, because in that moment, she wanted nothing more than to just forget about her worries, her problems, and her inhibitions.

She moved slowly through the dimly-lit halls, eventually finding her way to the main room. There, she was greeted by a handsome, middle-aged man with a friendly smile. He welcomed her warmly and invited her to sit down.

The man introduced himself as Vince, the owner of the establishment and he told her that she was free to choose any of the available women available. Roo felt a thrill of anticipation as she looked around the room, taking in the various shapes, sizes, and colors of the workers. It seemed as though each one had something special to offer.

Finally, she chose a sexy young thing with dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. She was dressed in a tight black dress that showed off her curves perfectly and as Roo looked her up and down, she couldn’t help but feel a little aroused.

Vince then handed Roo a menu and explained that there were a variety of services available. She chose one of the full-service packages, which included a massage, oral sex, and penetration.

Roo felt her heart racing as she followed the workers lead to a private room. She made sure to keep her eyes on the floor as they walked, feeling too embarrassed to look the woman in the eyes.

Once inside, the worker smiled and said, “I’m here to pleasure you, Roo. Let’s get started.”

Roo barely had time to process what was happening as the woman quickly began unbuttoning her dress. She gasped as the fabric fell away, revealing a lingerie-clad body that was toned and beautiful.

Roo felt her body flush with heat as the woman’s hands roamed over her body, caressing and teasing her in all the right places. The massage was slow and gentle, yet arousing, as it moved over her body.

Finally, the woman pulled away and told Roo to turn around. When she did, the woman began to kiss and lick her neck, and then slowly moved down her body, paying special attention to her breasts. Roo let out a small sound of pleasure as the woman’s tongue explored her body.

Next, the woman moved lower, kissing and licking her way down Roo’s stomach and thighs. Roo quivered with pleasure and before she knew it, the woman began to lick her in between her legs. Roo couldn’t contain the moan that escaped her lips as the woman’s tongue explored her intimate area.

Finally, the woman made her way back up and pushed Roo back onto the bed. She then bent down, giving Roo the most amazing blowjob she’d ever experienced. Roo felt every sensation with intense pleasure, her body writhing in pleasure.

Finally, the woman stood up and got on top of Roo, beginning to ride her. Roo matched her rhythm, and soon both of them were beginning to moan and pant with pleasure.

The woman kept up the pace, thrusting faster and faster, and soon enough, Roo felt her orgasm rush through her body. She let out a loud cry as pleasure flooded her body and she felt the woman shudder and collapse on top of her.

Roo couldn’t believe it. What she had just experienced was the most intense pleasure she’d ever felt and it left her feeling absolutely satisfied.

As she lay there, exhausted and content, she knew she had made the right decision in going to the brothel. She was now no longer desperate and could finally experience the pleasure she had been longing for.

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