Risky Business: An Incestuous Affair

It was the summer of 1983 and the sun shone brightly in the small town of Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Tomahawk was a typical small town with a few quaint stores, several churches, and a post office. Everyone in town knew each other and the community was close knit.

But this summer was different. All the teenagers were on the verge of graduating high school and the dreams of freedom seemed within reach. For a lot of them, this was their last summer in Tomahawk and they wanted to make the most of it.

One of the teenagers in town was Jordan, a good-looking, charismatic guy who always seemed to be at the center of attention. He was popular among his peers and had aspirations of going to college in the fall.

However, Jordan also had a wild streak. He was always looking for some way to push the boundaries and get away with something. This summer, he was more daring than ever and quickly became known around town for his “risky business”.

It all began when Jordan met Sarah, the beautiful, wealthy daughter of the local banker. Jordan had been instantly smitten by her, but he knew she was off limits. After all, her family was one of the most prominent in town and she was destined to marry into an equally prominent family.

But that didn’t stop Jordan from pursuing his forbidden love. He found himself stealing glances of her whenever he could and soon, his thoughts of Sarah became all-consuming. Despite his better sense of judgement, Jordan impulsively decided to take a chance.

One night, he invited Sarah out to the lake and asked her to take a risky leap of faith with him. She agreed and they drank, danced, and talked until the sun came up the next morning. Their conversation was easy and Sarah seemed to feel comfortable opening up and sharing her feelings with Jordan.

What began as a daring night of risk-taking soon developed into something far more serious and intimate. Jordan and Sarah found themselves drawn to each other and quickly falling in love.

Their relationship was filled with love, laughter, and excitement, but soon, Jordan and Sarah had to come face-to-face with the reality of what they had done. Jordan and Sarah soon realized they were related and that their relationship was incestuous.

The news spread quickly around town and Jordan and Sarah soon became the talk of the town. The two knew that they had risked everything to be together, but their love was stronger than the judgment and scorn of others. They decided to stick together and make the best of their situation.

Jordan and Sarah soon began living together and acted like any other couple in town. They worked, went out on dates, and enjoyed the simple pleasures of life. No one could believe that the two were in a relationship, but behind closed doors, their life together was filled with passion and love that no one else could understand.

Their relationship quickly became one of the biggest gossip topics in town, but neither Jordan nor Sarah cared. They knew they had each other and that was all that mattered.

Unfortunately, their happiness was not to last. One afternoon, while Jordan was at work, Sarah suddenly became ill and died within hours. Jordan was devastated and it took months for him to recover.

Jordan eventually decided to stay in Tomahawk and continue working at the bank. He hoped that by staying, he could keep the memory of Sarah alive in his heart.

Although they were never married, Jordan and Sarah’s love story lived on in the memories of those who knew them. In the years to come, there were whispers around town about the weird, forbidden relationship the two had shared. But at the end of the day, the love Jordan and Sarah had for each other was far stronger than any scandal or gossip.

Risky Business: An Incestuous Affair is a story about defying society’s expectations and following what the heart desires. It is a reminder that no matter how dangerous the stakes, love is always worth taking a risk for.

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