Readerswives Stories

Rob had always been quite the voyeur. He loved to watch his wife getting undressed, or to peek in on her getting dressed in the morning, and of course, to watch her have sex with other men. But until recently, he had never taken the plunge and actually gotten involved in a Readerswives Stories and erotic role-play.

Rob and his wife, Jenny, had been married for almost ten years and they both cherished their marriage and each other. They had a great sex life, but they both enjoyed experimenting and exploring new things. They had talked about going to a swingers club, but neither one had the guts to follow through.

One day, Jenny came across Readerswives Stories online and started looking through some of the stories and pictures. She was intrigued by how erotic and wild the stories were. She showed them to Rob and the two talked about it, wondering if they should give it a try.

The next night, Jenny and Rob decided to take the plunge and go for it. They agreed that Jenny would be the one to play out the stories, since she had done the research and was most familiar with the material.

Rob got dressed up in a black suit and tie, while Jenny wore a tight-fitting red dress with black stockings. It was a sexy look, and they both felt very aroused. Rob drove them to a nearby motel, where they had rented a room in advance.

Once they arrived, they quickly got undressed and started going over the story. Jenny took on the role of a Readerswives Stories prostitute, while Rob took on the role of a wealthy businessman looking for a bit of naughty fun. Jenny made her character as wild and daring as possible, while Rob tried to keep cool and in control.

The scene started with a bit of kissing and caressing, but quickly moved on to some serious action. Jenny began by giving Rob a blowjob, while he groaned and moaned in pleasure. She then moved on to riding him in reverse cowgirl position, and then the two flipped back and forth between different positions. Jenny then moved on to doggie style and then anal, which Rob found particularly intense.

Finally, after an hour of wild and passionate sex, Jenny and Rob lay there exhausted. They had both experienced an incredibly erotic experience, and they both felt satisfied and content.

They showered and returned to their own home, feeling much more connected and intimate than ever before. In the months that followed, Jenny and Rob continued to play out their Readerswives Stories fantasies, each time with them getting more daring and adventurous.

They both agreed that the Readerswives Stories had been the best thing to ever happen to their marriage, and they enjoyed each other more than ever. They both looked forward to exploring even more new and exciting things together.

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