Poopy Diaper Story

It was Poopy Diaper’s 21st birthday, and he wanted to do something wild. He knew that his parents wouldn’t approve, so he decided to go against the grain and treat himself to something extra special.

He booked into a high-class brothel and paid upfront for a full service. He was greeted at the door by a beautiful woman in lingerie, and she showed him to his private room.

The two of them were alone, and the room was filled with sex toys and paraphernalia. Poopy immediately knew that this was going to be an exciting night.

The woman began by undressing Poopy and giving him a massage. She used scented oils and caressed his body in all the right places. The pleasure that she gave him was unlike anything he had ever experienced.

After the massage, the woman began to perform a slow striptease, showing off her ample breasts and curvy body. By the time she was completely nude, Poopy was ready to explode.

The woman then placed a large diaper on Poopy and began to play a game. She licked and sucked on his cock and then put it inside the diaper. She teased and pleased him until he couldn’t take it anymore and ejaculated inside the diaper.

Afterwards, the woman helped him clean up before she put him in a bed filled with dirty diapers to finish the night. Poopy fell asleep with a satisfied sigh, feeling like he had finally lived out his wildest fantasies.

The next morning, Poopy woke up feeling more satisfied than he had in a long time. He thanked the woman before leaving and paid her double the amount.

He thanked himself, as well, for going against the grain and doing something that no one else would ever approve of. From that night forward, Poopy would never forget his wild night with the prostitute and the dirty diaper.

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