Pony Girl

It had been a while since Alexis had gone on a real date, so she was more than a little nervous when she arrived at the house. The mansion was huge, with a wrought iron fence surrounding the property and no other houses nearby. She had never been to a place like this before, and she couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed.

Alexis followed the instructions she had been given and went to the back door. She was about to knock when the door opened, and a tall, attractive woman in her late twenties greeted her.

“You must be Alexis,” the woman said with a smile. “I’m Siobhan. Come in, my dear.”

Alexis stepped inside, and Siobhan closed the door behind her. She looked around, taking in the expansive living space. The walls were painted a deep red, and there were several paintings on each wall. There were also sculptures, and a few pieces of furniture, including a leather chair that looked like it had been made for a queen.

Alexis felt a little out of place in the grand house, but she trusted Siobhan and followed her as she led her across the room. Siobhan opened a door, revealing a sprawling room with a four-poster bed and a large mirror. On the bed, there was a woman dressed in a tantalizing outfit made of black leather and lace.

“This is Pony Girl,” Siobhan said, gesturing towards the woman. “She is here to pleasure you.”

Alexis couldn’t quite believe what she was hearing. She had read about things like this, but she had never expected to experience it. Her heart raced as she looked at Pony Girl, who gave her a coy smile.

“Come closer,” Pony Girl said, her voice a sultry purr. “I want to show you what a real woman can do.”

Alexis obeyed, her body trembling with anticipation as she stepped closer and allowed Pony Girl to touch her. Pony Girl’s hands moved over Alexis’ body, caressing and exploring. She felt shivers of pleasure run through her as Pony Girl’s fingers and lips played with her sensitive spots, making her moan with delight.

Eventually, Pony Girl knelt before Alexis and pulled down her pants. Alexis gasped as Pony Girl’s tongue darted out and teased her inner thighs and the most intimate parts of her body. She trembled with each lick and caress, feeling pleasure unlike anything she had ever experienced before.

When Pony Girl had finished, she pulled back and looked up at Alexis with a satisfied smirk.

“My turn,” she said.

Alexis felt a burst of heat in her core as Pony Girl began pleasuring her in reverse. She felt her body tingle with pleasure as Pony Girl explored her body with her tongue. Her breathing grew more and more labored until she was panting with desire.

Alexis could barely contain her excitement when Pony Girl reached her final destination. She felt the pleasure build up to a crescendo, and then it was gone in an instant. She sighed with contentment as Pony Girl stood up and embraced her.

“I’d say that was a successful night, wouldn’t you?” Pony Girl asked.

Alexis nodded in agreement, feeling like she had just experienced a whole new level of pleasure. She thanked Siobhan and Pony Girl for their hospitality before she left, feeling a little bit more confident in her sexuality than she had before. She knew now that there was so much more to explore, and she couldn’t wait to do it again.

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