Pillow With Hole

Barbara was feeling naughty tonight. She was single again, and had no one to talk with or keep her company. After a quick internet search, she decided to visit the infamous Pillow With Hole. She had heard stories of debauchery and debasement, of wild orgies and wantonness, and it seemed like a marvelous place to just let loose and go wild.

She drove her car up to the neon-lit door, and entered without a second thought. What met her eyes was more than she imagined. Gyrating figures on the dance floor, scantily clad women on beds and couches, and a palpable atmosphere of sex and depravity hung in the air. She felt a little intimidated, but also strangely aroused.

A tall, handsome man approached her, his muscular body barely contained by his leather jacket. “Welcome,” he said, eyes glinting with delight. “I’m Dan, the club’s manager. What can I do for you?”

Barbara blushed and stammered, but Dan was patient. He offered her a drink, and soon she was relaxing and letting down her guard. He told her about the club: what it was all about, who came, and what happened. She felt herself getting more and more aroused as he described the wild and delicious activities that went on.

Finally, Dan offered to take her to the back room. Barbara was more than eager to go, and Dan quickly led the way. As they passed one of the private rooms, Barbara could see a woman with her legs spread wide, being pleasured by two men. She was so aroused she thought she was going to faint!

The back room was even wilder than Barbara expected. Everywhere she looked, there were couples and threesomes engaged in all manner of sexual activity. Some were having slow, gentle sex, while others were engaging in more kinky and daring acts. She felt her face flush and her heart race as she watched.

Dan gently suggested that she get involved. She agreed and was soon led to a room with a large bed and several smaller pillows. Dan explained that the larger pillow had a hole in it, and that people used it to make sex more enjoyable. He then assisted her in getting naked and began to make love to her.

The sensation of Dan’s hands and lips on her body was incredible. She had never experienced such pleasure before, and she soon found herself moaning and panting with pleasure. He explored her body with his hands and tongue, driving her wild with pleasure.

When he finally entered her, Barbara felt as though she had been taken to another world. She gasped and groaned with pleasure as he thrust in and out of her, and before long, she was screaming with pleasure as she felt her orgasm crashing over her.

Afterward, Barbara thanked Dan and said her goodbyes. She was glowing and on a high as she left the club and drove home. That night, she lay in bed and thought about what a remarkable evening she had had. She smiled to herself as she thought about the wild sex she had enjoyed at Pillow With Hole. It had been an unforgettable night, and she vowed to return as soon as she could.

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