Pear Shaped And Denied

Pear Shaped and Denied: A Steamy Erotic Sex Story

Pear shaped and denied, that’s what Cindy had come to, the breaking point. She had been denied so much in life, from the things that she wanted or needed, to even the littlest of pleasures. It all seemed to be a distant dream, something that was never meant to be.

But she was determined to find a way to get what she wanted and needed. She had heard of an escort service that specialized in pear-shaped women, and she decided to give it a try.

Cindy was nervous as she arrived at the door of the escort service. But as the door opened, she was greeted with a warm smile and a comforting hug. She felt a lot more relaxed as she stepped inside the luxurious parlor.

The escort, who called herself “Liz”, introduced herself and offered to give Cindy a tour of the facility. Cindy was taken aback at the sheer size and luxury of the place, there was a bar, big screen TVs, and a dance floor, as well as a wide variety of rooms for any kind of activity that the customers might be interested in.

“I don’t know if this is for me,” Cindy said, still feeling a bit hesitant.

“Don’t worry,” Liz said, “You’ll be in good hands here. We specialize in pear-shaped ladies, so you’re in the right place.”

Cindy was relieved to hear this and followed Liz into one of the private rooms. Liz sat down next to Cindy and began to explain the services that were available. She told Cindy that she could pick from a variety of activities, including full body massages, sensual blowjobs, intense fucking, and even some anal play if Cindy wanted.

Cindy was a little overwhelmed by all the options, but Liz was patient and understanding, explaining each option in detail until Cindy felt comfortable. Once Cindy had chosen the activities that she wanted, Liz got to work.

The massage was intense and sensual, with Liz using her hands and body to caress Cindy’s curves in all the right spots. Cindy felt completely relaxed and at ease with Liz’s touch, and she felt her inhibitions melt away.

After the massage, Liz moved on to the blowjob. She took Cindy’s thick, juicy cock into her mouth and began to suck and lick it with skill and precision. Cindy moaned in pleasure as her soft, wet lips moved up and down his shaft, stimulating him in all the right places.

As the blowjob continued, Liz moved her hands down and began to massage Cindy’s tight ass. She started to massage it slowly at first, but as Cindy’s moans grew louder, she increased the intensity, pushing her fingers deep inside. This was followed by some anal fingering, and it felt incredible.

When the session was finished, Cindy felt completely relaxed and satisfied. She thanked Liz for the incredible experience and left with a huge smile on her face.

Cindy was no longer denied the pleasure and satisfaction that she had craved for so long. She felt empowered and liberated, finally able to get what she wanted and needed without having to worry about judgement or shame. She had finally found her perfect escape.

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