Once upon a time, a young man named Ty found himself on Ourlittlesecret.dating, a dating website specializing in hookup arrangements. He had heard about the website from a friend, and had been curious to see what it was about. As he browsed through the profiles, he could see that the variety of women was vast, and he felt his excitement rise.

After looking through hundreds of profiles, Ty finally chose a certain woman who seemed to fit his needs. Her name was Riley, and she had a sexy profile that made Ty’s heart race. He was sure she was the woman he was looking for, and before he knew it, he had sent her a message.

Riley responded quickly, and the two of them agreed to meet up shortly. Ty was nervous and excited, as this would be his first experience with a hookup. When they met, all of his nervousness melted away when he saw her. Riley was stunning, and her green eyes sparkled as she smiled at him.

The pair headed to Riley’s apartment, and as soon as she shut the door, the two launched into each other. Their kiss was heated and passionate, and Ty could feel his desire for her growing. He slowly worked his hands under her clothing, wanting to see what was beneath. His eyes roved her body hungrily, and she smiled knowingly as she let him explore.

When his hands slipped to her bottom, Riley moaned softly and Ty felt himself grow hard. He took in the shape and warmth of her butt, and it suddenly occurred to him that this was his chance to live out his fantasy and experience anal sex. Without a second thought, he let his fingers wander to her tight back entrance.

Riley gasped as his fingers teased her opening, and he pressed down gently. She bit her lip, obviously wanting more, and Ty smiled. He began to massage her tight hole, and she gasped and moaned with pleasure. The sensation was incredible, and he felt his desire for her surge.

Before long, Ty was ready to take it to the next level. He retrieved a bottle of lube from the nightstand and squeezed some onto his fingers. He reinserted them, working the lubricant into her tight opening. She gasped as her body adjusted to the sensation, and Ty carefully began to push his finger in deeper and deeper.

Riley held onto Ty as he explored her tight ass with his fingers. With each stroke, her body quivered and her breathing quickened. Ty couldn’t believe how good it felt to be inside her, and he felt his own arousal growing. Finally, he felt her body relax and he slowly pushed two fingers in further.

Riley moaned as Ty’s fingers explored her insides, and he felt his own passion rising. He slowly pulled them out and shuddered as he felt the slick wetness. His fingers were tantalizingly close to her tight opening, and he couldn’t resist any longer. Taking a deep breath, Ty slowly pushed his way in.

The sensation was incredible, and Ty felt heat rush through his body. Riley moaned and trembled underneath him, and he quickly increased his speed. She gasped and moaned as he drilled into her, and Ty felt his own pleasure grow. They moved together in perfect harmony, and the sensations grew more and more intense.

Finally, with one final thrust, Ty felt Riley’s body tense and then relax as she shuddered with pleasure. The orgasm seemed to go on forever, and Ty felt himself joining her. His climax was so intense that he almost forgot where he was, and it felt like his entire body was shaking.

When it was over, the two of them lay still, trying to catch their breath. Ty hugged Riley tightly, and she smiled contentedly. Finally, Ty pulled away and smiled at her. He couldn’t believe that his first experience with anal sex had been so incredible, and he felt immensely satisfied.

The two of them lay in bed for a while longer, both feeling high from their experience. Ty thanked Riley for her help and she smiled. He knew that he had found a special woman in Riley, and he was sure that this was only the beginning of their journey.

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