Old Couple Cuck

Old Couple Cuck: A Sensual Adventure in Passion and Love

It had been a while since the old couple had explored their sexuality together. After years of being in a stable, monogamous marriage, the two were starting to feel as if their love life needed a little bit of spice. Although they were always affectionate with each other, the two were growing bored with the same routine.

One night, while cuddled up in bed together, the two decided to talk about their fantasies and desires. Neither of them had ever experienced cuckolding before and the idea of exploring something new with each other felt quite thrilling. After comparing their notes and coming to agreement about the conditions, the old couple decided to embark on a journey of passionate exploration as Cuckolders.

The next morning, the wife searched around online for an escort service that followed their desired criteria. After scanning through a few different sites, they finally found an agency that seemed to fit the bill. Both of them breathed a sigh of relief knowing that they had found a reputable service that offered professional escorts and complete discretion.

The wife made sure to check all of the details before agreeing to the agency’s services. The couple discussed the nature of their desired relationship with the escort, and they both agreed that they would like the experience to remain platonic and nothing more than exploration. They made sure to also ask the escort to remain professional and respectful during their session.

The couple arranged to meet the escort at a cozy hotel near their home. Upon arriving, they found that the agency had been true to its word, and that their escort was an attractive, professional woman who was there to cater to their every need.

The three of them chatted for a few minutes, discussing the boundaries and expectations for their session. Once everything was settled, the old couple and the escort retired to the bedroom where all the fun was to begin.

The couple had decided to start the night off with a sensual massage. The escort began by oiling up the wife’s body and massaging her from her neck to her toes. The husband watched in amazement as his wife drifted off into a trance of pleasure. After the erotic massage was complete, the husband took note of the wife’s pleasure and decided it was his turn to experience the same pleasure.

The escort then began to massage the husband in the same manner. The man felt his body warming up to the sensuous touch of the escort, and quickly he too fell into a trance of ecstasy.

Once the massages were complete, the old couple began to explore each other’s bodies in a passionate display of love. The escort watched silently as the husband and wife explored each other’s most sensitive areas. The scent of the massage oil coupled with their passionate moans was enough to drive the escort into a state of arousal.

The three of them then decided to further explore each other’s bodies by engaging in oral sex. The husband and wife took turns pleasuring each other orally while the escort watched on as they explored each other’s bodies with their mouths. The escort even went so far as to offer a few tips here and there which helped them maximize their pleasure.

The night went on with the escort eagerly offering assistance as the couple explored each other in a seemingly never-ending display of pleasure, passion, and love. Eventually all three of them decided that it was time for a more serious exploration of each other’s bodies.

The escort then offered some suggestions for positions that were sure to drive the couple wild. They tried out a variety of positions until they found something that really hit the spot for both of them. For the remainder of the night, the couple experimented with different positions in an effort to drive each other wild.

As the night drew to a close, the couple thanked the escort for her professional service. The wife then surprised her husband with the gift of a naughty toy that the couple could use to explore their sexuality further.

The old couple left the room feeling more in love then they ever had before. They had gone on a journey of exploration together, and they both felt as if they had achieved something truly special. They both thanked the escort for her help in making this night a truly remarkable experience.

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