Office Sissy 5 Sissy Babies

Office Sissy 5 Sissy Babies

It was a typical day in the office, and the five sissy babies worked hard to meet their deadlines. They knew that their boss was always watching them, and they had to perform at their very best.

The office was divided into two sections. The first was the corporate side, where the five sissies worked diligently on their computer screens and typing away reports. The second was the private side, where the boss kept his more private and personal documents.

It was a common occurrence for the five sissy babies to sneak glances at the private side when their boss was busy elsewhere. From what they could tell, the boss had something of an impressive collection of women’s lingerie and high heels.

One day, the five sissies were chatting amongst themselves in the break room when the boss walked in. He was in a good mood and was telling them about a new business venture he was interested in. He had noticed the glances they had taken to his private section and asked if they would like to help out.

The five sissies were hesitant, but the boss was adamant that it would be no trouble. He explained that he needed five sissy babies to help him with his new business venture. It would involve dressing up in lingerie, which they all found exciting, and it would also involve some naughty fun.

The five sissies were intrigued and agreed to help out. Over the following weeks, they were taken under the boss’s wing and taught about the world of escorting, prostitution, and brothels. He showed them a variety of lingerie and outfits that he had bought for them and also taught them about different sexual acts.

Before they knew it, the five sissy babies were out on their first assignment. Dressed in skimpy lingerie and high heels, they arrived at a hotel and met with a client. He was an older man and immediately took a liking to the sissy babies.

The client was eager to get started, and the sissies followed his instructions. They took turns performing oral sex on him and then moved on to other acts of pleasure. They explored each other’s bodies and were soon lost in a world of pleasure.

The client was so pleased with the work of the sissy babies that he left them with a generous tip. This was the start of the five sissy babies’ lives as escorts and prostitutes.

They worked hard and earned a lot of money. With the money they earned, they bought a lot of lingerie and high heels to ensure they always looked their best.

It wasn’t long before they were in demand as escorts and performing sexual acts with multiple clients. They quickly became experts at pleasing men with their sultry skills and seductive bodies.

The sissy babies were in high demand, and soon they were making even more money than they ever imagined. They were able to buy whatever they wanted and live an extravagant lifestyle. It was an exciting adventure, and they all thoroughly enjoyed their life as sissy babies in the sex industry.

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