Nina Warhurst Bikini

Nina Warhurst was always the kind of girl who had more looks than brains. It wasn’t that she was stupid, though. It’s just that she was a little bit of a dreamer, and had tended to get lost in her own thoughts a lot. That was why she had gotten so good at painting; she could spend hours just creating her masterpieces.

Nina was never really the type to really go out and party very often, but when she did; she always made sure to dress to impress. She had a particularly stunning bikini that she loved to wear, and when she put it on, everyone noticed. It was a bright blue and yellow bikini that hugged her curves in all the right places and showed off her toned figure.

One particular summer evening, she was walking down the beach in her sexy bikini, when a young man stopped to admire her. His name was James, and he was just a few years older than her. He was very handsome, with his dark hair and strong jawline. James was also charming, and he slowly started to win her over with his smooth voice and intelligent conversation.

The two of them started walking and talking, and soon enough they found themselves at a bar down the beach. They ordered drinks and talked some more, until eventually it was very late and they decided to head back to her place. As they walked, Nina could feel sparks flying between them, and she started to get aroused.

When they got to her place, things started to heat up quickly. James undressed her slowly, taking his time to tease her with his hands and mouth. She couldn’t believe the sensations that she was feeling as he touched her body, exploring every inch of her curves. He moved down to her bikini bottoms and pulled them off, before pressing his lips against her pussy.

Nina gasped in pleasure as his tongue slid expertly around her tight little hole. James used his fingers to tease her clit, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body. She was getting so turned on that she was almost ready to explode, and James could tell. He stood up and grabbed her hips, pushing her onto the bed before pressing his hard cock against her wetness.

Nina moaned out loud as James entered her, thrusting his hard cock deep inside her. Her tight walls milked him as he moved, and Nina couldn’t help but scream out in pleasure. The sensations that were coursing through her body were getting more and more intense, until she was almost at the point of no return. James could sense that she was ready, and he increased his thrusts, pushing her closer to the edge.

Finally, Nina let out a loud scream as her orgasm took over her body, and James followed soon after. They lay in each other’s arms afterwards, both trembling in pleasure. Nina had never felt such pleasure before, and she knew that it was all thanks to James.

The two of them stayed together for many years, exploring each other’s bodies and growing more deeply in love. And to this day, whenever Nina looks at her special blue and yellow bikini, she remembers the night that it all began.

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