Naked Handyman

Naked Handyman: An Erotic Tale of an Escort Named Kevin

It was a warm summer night in central London when I decided to hire an escort for a bit of fun. I had seen the ad for “Naked Handyman” in the local listings and it caught my eye. I had been away from home for months, and I was ready for some excitement.

When I arrived at the meeting spot, I was met by a tall, handsome man with a kind smile and a strong, muscular body. He introduced himself as Kevin and I immediately felt an attraction for him. I had been alone for a long time, and I couldn’t help but admire his body and the way he carried himself.

We started talking and I soon found out that Kevin was an escort, working in the London area. He had been a handyman for much of his life, but he had gotten into the business of escorting women to satisfy their sexual needs. He had a great body and a great personality, and I was drawn to him like a magnet.

We started to talk more, and I soon realized that he was as turned on by me as I was by him. We started flirting, and it wasn’t long before we were both naked and ready for sex. I had never had a man like Kevin before, and I was excited to find out what he had in store for me.

He started off by exploring my body with his hands, caressing my skin and sending waves of pleasure through my body. He worked his hands up and down my body, exploring every inch of me. His touch was gentle yet firm and I could feel my arousal growing with every movement of his fingers.

When he moved his hand down to my intimate area, I felt a surge of pleasure that was almost too much to handle. He gently explored and teased my clitoris, bringing me to a state of ecstasy I had never experienced before. His tongue soon replaced his fingers, and I felt my body melting as he explored and licked me.

Kevin then moved his hands down to my thighs, and I felt a rush of anticipation as I realized what was coming next. He spread my legs and slid his hands up and down my inner thighs, sending electric shocks of pleasure up my spine. He then moved his hands to my pubic area, teasing and teasing until I was dripping with arousal.

When Kevin finally entered me, I felt a wave of pleasure that I had never experienced before. His thrusts were slow and deep at first, but as my arousal rose, he began to pick up the pace. My body was on fire as his thrusts went deeper and harder, and soon I was screaming with pleasure. He kept thrusting harder and faster, pushing me to the brink of orgasm, before finally letting me come.

We lay there afterwards, both exhausted and satisfied. I had never felt so alive before, and I knew I would never forget the pleasure I had experienced with Kevin. I knew that I wanted to see him again, and I made sure to book him for another session.

Kevin is now my regular escort, and I never tire of the pleasure he brings me. Whenever I hire him, I know I’m in for an erotic experience that I’ll never forget. He knows how to please a woman, and I always leave our sessions feeling satisfied and happy. Naked Handyman has certainly lived up to his name, and I couldn’t be happier.

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