Myfirstdaddy: An Erotic Threesome Story

Myfirstdaddy always said that he was a man of adventure, but it wasn’t until he met Marion and Anna that he found the kind of thrill he was after. It all started with an innocent conversation he had with a mutual friend.

She told him about the fantasy she had about a threesome, and how she wanted it to be with two women. Right away, he knew that he wanted to make her fantasy come true. He asked her if she knew anyone who would be interested, and she had the perfect suggestion: Marion and Anna.

Marion and Anna were two friends who had grown up together and had been flirting with each other for a while. They had talked about wanting to try something kinky with someone, and Myfirstdaddy seemed to be the perfect candidate. He was confident, sexy, and willing to try anything.

When he invited them over for a night of fun, they accepted without hesitation. As the night progressed, he began to realize that their connection went deeper than he expected. The three of them began to kiss and caress each other, exploring each other’s bodies and getting aroused in the process.

Myfirstdaddy was in heaven, feeling the passion and lust between them intensify by the second. He quickly realized that they wouldn’t want to keep this a one-time thing, and soon they’d be begging him to make it a regular arrangement.

The three of them explored each other more and more and it seemed like they could never get enough of each other. Their kisses became wilder, their caresses more intense, and they weren’t afraid to use their hands in all different ways. They explored each other orally, taking turns going down on each other and making each other moan with pleasure.

Myfirstdaddy was in awe at how naughty they were being. He loved how they used each other to get off, making sure that each of them was satisfied. They even let him join in and help them out, using his skills to make them even more aroused than before.

Their night of passion never seemed to end, and each time they reached a new level of pleasure, they found a way to take it even further. As their threesome went on, Myfirstdaddy felt a connection that was stronger than anything he had ever experienced before.

The next morning, the three of them lay in bed, exhausted but still satisfied. They had explored each other in every way possible, and Myfirstdaddy knew that this wasn’t the last time they’d be together. He’d found himself two naughty escorts, and it was going to be a wild ride.

At first, they kept their arrangement a secret, meeting up in secret locations and indulging in their passions. But soon enough, everyone knew that Myfirstdaddy had become something of a sex god. He’d found the perfect partners to satisfy his every need and was quickly becoming one of the most sought-after men in town.

He and his two naughty escorts were the talk of the town, and everyone wanted to experience something with them. Whether it was a night out on the town or a more intimate encounter, Myfirstdaddy and his two lovers never disappointed.

Myfirstdaddy had found something special with Marion and Anna, and he was determined to keep it going for as long as possible. His sex life had become wilder than ever before, and he was determined to explore every kinky desire he had with his two naughty escorts. Together, they had become the talk of the town and nothing was ever the same again.