Mycatwithclaws was a regular customer at the local brothel. He had been coming here for almost three years now, ever since his divorce four years ago. He was looking for something more than just a one-night stand and the girls at this place seemed to understand what he wanted.

Tonight, he had decided to spend some time with one of the girls. Her name was Lisa and he had seen her around the place a few times before. He had asked her to show him the most erotic and naughty things she could offer, and she had gladly agreed.

He followed her to a room on the second floor and as soon as they were inside, he noticed how her eyes lit up as she looked around. She seemed to be very pleased with the decorations in the room and the sensual atmosphere that it had.

She smiled at him, and Mycatwithclaws immediately felt a warmth inside of him. He knew that she was going to make this experience something special.

She stepped closer to him, her body brushing against his as she undid the buttons of his shirt and began to caress his chest. His hands moved up to her face, his fingers softly tracing her lips as his eyes filled with desire.

Their lips met in a passionate kiss, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Mycatwithclaws felt his heart racing as her hands traveled down his chest and back before cupping his ass.

He gasped as her fingers grabbed him, her grip tight as she moved her hand down and began to massage his erection.

Mycatwithclaws felt the pleasure grow within him, and before he knew it, she had him on his back and was straddling him. His hands moved to her body, exploring her curves as she leaned forward and began to kiss his neck.

His eyes closed as she slowly started to grind against him, her pussy rubbing against his growing erection. Mycatwithclaws moaned out of pleasure, his hands grabbing her ass as she moved up and down, her movements becoming faster and faster.

She reached down, her hands unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down, his body now fully exposed to her as she moved her hands up and down his shaft. His moans grew more desperate as she finally took him into her mouth, her tongue tightly wrapped around his cock as she sucked hard and fast.

Mycatwithclaws could feel himself nearing his climax, and he grabbed her head in both hands, pushing her down harder and faster as he felt his orgasm approach. He cried out her name as he finally let himself go and felt his cum spilling into her mouth.

She moved off him, licking her lips as she smiled down at him, her eyes filled with satisfaction. Mycatwithclaws felt his body relax as he lay there, breathing heavily.

Lisa reached for the blanket and draped it over him, curling up beside him as she placed her head on his chest. He wrapped an arm around her and kissed her forehead, a satisfied smile forming on his face.

Tonight, Mycatwithclaws had found something that he had been looking for a long time – the perfect sexual experience. He had found it in Lisa, and he knew that he would be returning to the brothel soon to have it all over again.

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