My Sexy Night Out

My Sexy Night Out

It was a normal Tuesday night, until I heard a knock at the door. I had been wanting to get out and have an adventure, and thought this could be the night. When I answered the door I saw a tall, handsome stranger standing there with a smirk on his face. He didn’t say much, but he held out a card and said “Are you ready?”

I was stumped. What kind of question was this? What exactly was I getting myself into? This tall, mysterious stranger was obviously up to something, and I had no clue what it was. Little did I know it was about to be the most erotic night of my life.

The card he gave me had the address of a rather seedy looking place. I was hesitant, but the stranger was very persuasive and soon I found myself walking into what appeared to be a brothel.

The inside of the building was anything but seedy. The walls were lined with velvet curtains, surrounding a variety of well dressed women of all shapes and sizes. It became immediately clear to me what kind of service this establishment provided.

The stranger stepped up to one of the women in the corner, and began to whisper something in her ear. Seconds later, she beckoned me over. “Let’s get started,” she said. I started to feel a twinge of excitement, as I realized I was about to enjoy a wild night of sex.

The woman led me up a spiral staircase, to a large luxurious room with a large bed in the center. This bed was covered in a variety of soft silk sheets and pillows, and it was obvious that this was meant for one thing and one thing only – hot, steamy sex. She asked me if I wanted a drink before we got started, and I gratefully accepted.

She poured me a glass of champagne, then gestured for me to come closer to her. I felt an overwhelming sensation of anticipation, as I was about to experience something that most people would never dream of.

The woman grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to her. She then proceeded to grab a hold of my shirt, and began to expertly unbutton each one. I closed my eyes and let out a sigh as she peeled my shirt away. She then moved her hands to my belt, and broke out into a deep, throaty laugh as I let out a gasp. A few moments later, my pants were on the floor and I stood before her feeling totally vulnerable, but incredibly aroused.

The woman proceeded to caress my chest and abdomen with both hands, as she looked into my eyes and an irresistible smile. This was the start of what was going to be the sexiest hour, and a half of my life.

She started by licking and kissing my neck, before moving down to my nipples, making sure not to miss any sensitive area. The intensity was almost unbearable, but I loved it. By now, I had thrown my inhibitions out the window, allowing myself to truly succumb to the pleasure.

Next, the woman moved could feel the intensity of the increasing pleasure until, finally, I let loose a moan of pleasure and a flood of pleasure engulfed me.

My whole body was shaking as I experienced a powerful orgasm that I had never experienced before. I felt totally spent, as if I had just run a marathon. I lay in bed, feeling exhausted but incredibly satisfied.

The woman then helped me dress and showed me to the door. As I stepped outside, I glanced back at the mysterious stranger with a smirk before turning and walking away into the night. As I walked away, I felt a chill run down my spine and a satisfied smile spread across my face. I had just experienced the best and sexiest night I had ever had.

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