My Sassy Sorority Sister – Initiation Night

My Sassy Sorority Sister – Initiation Night

It was the night of my sorority initiation and I was feeling a mixture of excitement and fear. I had heard rumors of initiations in the past that had been wild and daring and I was expecting nothing less tonight.

I arrived at the sorority house and was welcomed by my sassy sorority sister, who smiled brightly and handed me a shot of tequila. I downed it and continued to enter the house. A loud cheer rose up from the other initiates and I smiled. We all huddled together and the sassy sorority sister led the way with a chant that quickly spread throughout the house.

I was given a tour of the sorority house before being ushered into the initiation chamber. There, I was informed that I would be required to participate in a series of tasks in order to be welcomed into the sorority. I gulped nervously and waited for the tasks to begin.

The first task required me to drink an entire bottle of tequila without pausing or taking a break. I had never done this before but luckily the tequila affected me quickly and I managed to finish the bottle easily. The sassy sorority sister clapped and cheered, while the other initiates shouted and whistled.

The second task required me to take off my clothes and do the sassy moves that the sorority sister was demonstrating. I was more comfortable with this task than the first and I moved and twisted my body in the moves that were required of me. Again, the crowd cheered and clapped when I was done.

The third and final task was the wildest yet. I was required to find a partner in the room and engage in an intimate session of passionate sex with them in front of everyone. This was a task that I was most terrified of but I had no choice but to comply. After surveying the room for a moment, I chose the most attractive man in the room and began to strip.

He undressed too and we moved to the bed where I laid down on my back. He began to kiss me passionately and I felt my body respond eagerly to his touch. I allowed my hands to wander over his body as we embraced each other. His hands explored my body eagerly and soon he entered me. I gasped as I felt the sensation of his hard cock inside me and he began to thrust into me with a slow, steady rhythm.

I moaned and screamed in pleasure as my orgasm began to build up inside me. I felt my pussy contract around his cock as I got closer to the edge. When I finally reached my peak, I screamed out in pleasure and my partner quickly followed, releasing himself into me.

We laid there in a spent heap for a few moments before my partner got off of me. I felt relieved and happy that I had passed the initiation and was welcomed as an official member of the sorority. I was warmly hugged and congratulated by my sassy sorority sisters and I hugged them back, thanking them for their acceptance.

It had been a wild and daring initiation but I had enjoyed every bit of it. I had experienced pleasure that I didn’t even know existed and had made a bond with my sassy sorority sisters that would last a lifetime. I was so glad to have been welcomed into the sorority and felt as if I had found a new found family.

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