My Roommate’s Sexy Surprise

My Roommate’s Sexy Surprise

My eyes snapped open as soon as I heard a soft knock on the door of my rented room. Puzzled by the unexpected knock, I got up from my bed and made my way towards the door. Who on earth could be here at this hour?

Just as I put my hand on the door handle, I heard my roommate’s voice from the other side. “Hey, surprise!” she said. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and came face to face with my stunningly beautiful roommate, all dressed in a tight, red dress that revealed more than it concealed, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

At first, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. We had been roommates for over a year, yet I hadn’t ever seen her in this kind of attire before. She must have known I was going to be greatly surprised.

With a wicked grin, she said, “How do you like my sexy surprise?” before leaning in and planting a soft, yet intense, kiss on my lips.

My heart raced as I felt the warmth of her body and the electricity of her lips on mine. Our lips stayed locked together longer than it should have, until we both broke out of the passionate embrace, a little breathless.

Loosening the strap of her dress a little, my roommate let out a seductive moan and whispered, “Let’s not waste any time and make tonight all about passion and pleasure.” She bit her lip as if to emphasize the point, hinting at all the naughty things she had in mind.

The suggestion made my pulse quicken and my face flush. I could feel my cheeks turning red as I imagined us making wild love in the bedroom.

My roommate grabbed my hand, the surprising firmness of her grip sending shivers up my spine, and led me to the bedroom.

Once inside, she pushed me down onto the bed and quickly straddled me, her tight dress riding up her legs as she grinded against my already excited body. I reached out and cupped her ass with my hands, feeling the firmness of her cheeks as I massaged them lightly. She let out a gratifying moan as my fingers moved around her body, giving me a signal that I was on the right track.

Not wasting a single moment, my roommate pulled down her dress and started licking and kissing my neck, as well as sending naughty little bites to certain areas. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, she made her way down to my cock and started stroking it until it was hard as rock.

My breaths got quicker and wilder as my roommate began to give me the most amazing blowjob of my life. She moved her head up and down with a perfect rhythm, her tongue hitting all the right spots and working around the most sensitive areas. Her technique was incredibly skilled as she worked my shaft with her mouth and hands, making me harder and harder.

Just when I was about to reach orgasm, my roommate stopped and let go of my cock, leaving me panting and begging her for more. With a naughty smile, she quickly went down on me, licking for minutes on end until she finally brought me over the edge.

As the sparkles from the pleasure settled down my eyesight, I heard my roommate’s delighted laughter. I quickly found out why as she started taking off her clothes, revealing an incredibly hot and curvaceous body, ready for me to explore every single inch of it.

Gripping my waist with her warm hands, my roommate started a slow and passionate exploration of my body. She kissed and nibbled her way down my chest while her hands moved in circles around my waist. Reaching lower, she left a trail of wet kisses along my stomach before finally going further down and premiering the star of the show.

Without further ado, she took my already aroused cock into her mouth, her tongue swirling around it just like it had done around my stomach. She started making a play with her tongue as she sucked more and more of me in, each pull sending waves of pleasure through my body. Her wet grip increased as time passed and before long I was desperately begging her to let me have her.

My roommate let out an eager moan, stopping the torture and pulling away from my stomach. She got up from the bed and headed towards the nightstand, where she kept a bottle of lube.

She spread the lube onto her sweet and juicy pussy, before climbing on top of me, pressing and rubbing her warm body against mine. She started rocking back and forth sensually, sending waves of pleasure across my entire body. Our moans filled the room and I grabbed her ass, bringing her closer while she kept moving her hips in circles.

The intensity of our passionate lovemaking was rising with each thrust and before long I couldn’t take it anymore. I started thrusting harder into her slippery and tight walls, bringing her closer to her explosive climax.

We moved faster and faster and when our bodies exploded in one powerful orgasm, I heard her moans of pleasure turn into a wild scream, letting me know that my roommate had just had one of the best experiences of her life.

Moments later we both collapsed on my bed, exhausted and satisfied. After a few minutes of actual rest we got up and I went to take a shower, all the while reflecting on how surprisingly relaxing, yet completely fulfilling the experience had been.

When I came back out of the shower, I found my roommate dressed up in one of my t-shirts and a mischievous smirk on her face. Giving me a passionate kiss, she said sleepily, “Thank you, my love, for one of the best nights of my life.”

And I guess that’s the beauty of having a naughty and daring roommate around – you never know what kind of surprise she’d have it store for you.

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