My Cuckold Life Chapter 2

My Cuckold Life Chapter 2: A Sexy Night out with the Escort

I had been married for a few years, but my wife had made it quite clear that she wasn’t interested in sex anymore. The idea of cuckolding had started to become more and more intriguing to me, and I started to look for ways to bring some spice back into my sex life.

I decided to hire an escort for the night, and as I made my way to the address I had been given, butterflies filled my stomach. I was both nervous and excited to explore this new experience.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a beautiful woman who introduced herself as Sarah. She had a sexy, sultry voice and a beautiful figure accentuated by her tight-fitting black dress. We exchanged a few pleasantries before she took me upstairs to a room she had prepared for the night.

The room had a large bed covered in black sheets, lit by several candles. She asked me to undress, and as I did so, I felt my anticipation grow. Sarah then began to undress, revealing her beautiful curves and flawless skin. She had the body of a goddess and I couldn’t help but be aroused.

When we were both naked, Sarah asked me to lay down on the bed and she started exploring my body with her hands and lips, teasing me and bringing me to the edge of pleasure. Once she sensed I was close, she uncoiled the cord and tied my wrists to the posts of the bed. I was now completely helpless, and at the mercy of whatever Sarah had planned for me.

She proceeded to give me an unforgettable experience. She licked and sucked every inch of my body, teasing and tantalizing me until I was moaning with pleasure. She even used her fingers to stimulate my most intimate parts, driving me wild with sensation.

Sarah then asked me to flip onto my stomach and she proceeded to give me the most intense anal pleasure I had ever felt. I was so aroused by this that I almost forgot that my wrists were tied to the bed. She continued her passionate assault until I was screaming with pleasure, begging her to let me come.

Once I was satisfied, Sarah untied me and allowed me to lay back and relax. She then made her way to the foot of the bed, where she asked me to lay on my back and spread my legs wide. She then proceeded to give me an unforgettable blowjob, pushing my pleasure to entirely new levels. I felt like I was going to explode with pleasure and I wanted nothing more than for her to keep going.

Once I was satisfied again, Sarah untied me a second time and allowed me to rest. Over the course of the night, we had explored all kinds of naughty and naughty sexual activities, and I felt completely satisfied. We talked for a while before I finally got dressed and said my goodbyes. I felt satisfied, and a little bit naughty, knowing that I had explored something I had never experienced before.

The experience of cuckolding had completely changed my sex life and I felt like a new man. I had finally found a way to spice up my sex life, and I was looking forward to many more naughty nights to come.

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