Mothers Kiss

Mother’s Kiss

She smiled as she felt his hand on her thigh, his fingers tracing a lazy pattern along her skin, sending shivers of anticipation through her body. She had been eagerly awaiting this moment since they had met, and the intensity of her desire was only increased by his gentle caress.

He leaned in closer, his breath hot and heavy on her neck, and she felt her heart racing in anticipation of what was to come. Her eyes closed as his lips brushed against her neck, and she felt her entire body tremble with pleasure. She wanted him, wanted him more than she had ever wanted anything before.

He moved his lips up to hers, and their kiss was gentle, yet passionate. His hands moved up her body, caressing her curves, exploring her body in ways she had never experienced before. She gasped as his tongue began to explore her mouth, and she felt her desire for him intensifying with every stroke of his tongue.

He shifted his position, and she felt the heat of his body radiating against hers. His fingers began to move lower, and she moaned softly as they brushed against her most sensitive areas. His fingers teased her, sending waves of pleasure racing through her body. She could feel herself becoming aroused, and she wanted nothing more than to feel his body pressed against hers.

He moved his hands lower still, and she felt her breath quicken as he started to stroke her clitoris. She gasped as his fingers moved in circles, and she felt her arousal intensifying with every stroke. She was in a state of pure bliss, and she felt her body quiver with desire.

He moved his lips lower, and she felt his tongue tracing a path over her body. He lavished attention on her nipples, teasing them with his tongue until she was begging for more. He moved his hands lower still, and she felt her body tensing with anticipation as he began to stroke her inner thighs.

He moved his fingers lower, and she gasped as he entered her with one finger, then two. He moved them in and out of her, moving faster and faster as her arousal increased. She felt her body tensing with pleasure, and she wanted nothing more than for him to take her.

Finally, he entered her fully, and she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her body as he thrust deeper and deeper. Her moans grew louder, and her body quivered with pleasure. He moved faster and faster, and before long, she was shaking with pleasure as her orgasm built within her.

He pulled out of her, and she felt a wave of pleasure crashing through her body. She lay there, panting and exhausted, feeling completely satisfied. He kissed her forehead, and she felt her heart fill with love for him.

They lay there together, their bodies entwined in a passionate embrace. She smiled, knowing that this moment was one she would never forget. From now on, she would always think of him when she thought of the words “mother’s kiss”.

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