Mom’s Spanking Talk

Mom’s Spanking Talk

Molly had been anticipating this moment all week. She had planned her night out to the letter and had been looking forward to spending a few hours alone with her newest conquest.

He had agreed to meet her in the backroom of the club and now she was nervously waiting for him to make his move. She was wearing a skimpy black dress, high heels and her most expensive lingerie.

She had been fantasizing about this night for the last few days and the anticipation had been killing her. Her mind was filled with thoughts of what he would do to her and she couldn’t wait to find out.

The club was crowded and she had to squint through the smoke-filled air in order to see him as he finally made his way across the floor towards her.

She had arranged for them to rent a private room, knowing that this would give them the added privacy and security of knowing that no one could see them.

He was tall and muscular, wearing an expensive suit and designer shoes. He had an aura of confidence about him and she could tell that he was used to getting his way with women.

He smiled when he finally reached her and he brought his face close to hers to kiss her. His lips were soft and sensual and the way he moved them made her body ache for more.

He then stepped back and looked her up and down.

“You look beautiful tonight,” he said.

“You look pretty good yourself,” she replied breathlessly.

He grabbed her hand and led her to the private room they had rented. When they arrived, he immediately locked the door behind them and pulled her into a passionate embrace.

He kissed her hungrily and ran his hands up and down her body. He grabbed her buttocks and squeezed them firmly, pushing his body against hers.

Molly felt a wave of heat rush through her veins and she gasped with pleasure. She wanted more of this and she wanted it now.

He backed away from her and sat down on the sofa, motioning for her to come to him.

“Tonight I want to try something different,” he said. “I want to spank you.”

Molly was surprised but aroused. She had heard of this before but had never experienced it for herself. She slowly moved towards him and before she knew it, she was draped across his lap.

He started spanking her lightly at first, his hand gently grazing her bottom. He then increased the intensity, causing her to gasp with pleasure each time his hand connected with her skin.

She was becoming more and more aroused by the minute and she had never felt anything like this before. She was in complete control and she loved it.

After a few minutes, he stopped and moved his hands to her shoulders. He began massaging them gently and then moved lower. His hands were gentle but strong and she found herself melting into his touch.

He then leaned down and began kissing her neck and ears, sending shivers down her spine. She gasped and moaned with pleasure as he continued to kiss her body.

Finally, he stepped back and pulled her to her feet. He then took a step back and removed his shirt, revealing his toned and muscular physique. His body was flawless and she felt herself getting aroused all over again.

He grabbed her hand and walked her over to the bed. He then laid her down and began to undress her. He removed her lingerie and moved his body over hers, making sure not to miss any inch of her body.

She was completely aroused by now and wanted nothing more than for him to take her. She wrapped her legs tightly around him and he began to thrust harder and deeper against her.

She felt her body coming alive as waves of pleasure coursed through her body. He continued to thrust against her and then finally, she felt an intense wave of pleasure wash over her and she came hard.

She laid there for a few moments, completely satisfied, before finally coming back to reality. He laid down next to her and pulled her close, kissing her tenderly.

“That was amazing,” he said.

“Mom’s Spanking Talk was definitely worth it,” she said, before snuggling back into his embrace. She knew this would be something she would never forget.

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