Mom.Wants To Breed

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Thomas. He was a handsome, successful man living in a big city. One day, while walking down the street, he noticed a woman in the distance who caught his eye. He couldn’t tell from so far away, but she was absolutely stunning. She had long, dark hair, a fit body, and a seductive look about her.

Thomas was intrigued, so he decided to walk closer to get a better look. As he got nearer, his heart started to race. The woman was his mother! He hadn’t seen her in years, and he was absolutely taken aback by how beautiful she had become.

Thomas was stunned, but couldn’t help but feel a certain naughty curiosity. After all, he hadn’t seen his mother in years and here she was standing right in front of him, looking sexier than ever. He didn’t know what to do, so he said hello and introduced himself. His mother was obviously surprised to see him, but was delighted to reunite with her son.

After catching up and reminiscing, Thomas’s mother mentioned that she was in town for business and for pleasure. Inquisitively, Thomas asked what kind of pleasure she was talking about. She coyly said that she had gone to a few clubs and that she was open to trying a few new experiences.

Thomas couldn’t believe his ears. Was his mother actually suggesting something naughty? To his amazement, she was! She revealed that she had always wanted to try a threesome with two men and asked Thomas if he was interested. Naturally, Thomas was hesitant at first, but his mother’s persistence paid off and he eventually gave in.

The next day, Thomas and his mother couldn’t wait to get started. Thomas found an escort to join them and they were ready to experience something they’d never done before.

The trio started out with some teasing, hugs, and kisses as they got more comfortable with one another. Then, it was time to get down to business. The escort started out by performing oral sex on both Thomas and his mother, which was an entirely new experience for them both. Thomas couldn’t believe how pleasurable the sensations were and how turned on his mother was getting.

Next, Thomas and the escort took turns making love to his mother. His mother was unbelievably aroused and moaned with pleasure as Thomas and the escort satisfied her in ways she had never experienced before.

The threesome kept going for hours as the group explored their most naughty desires. Thomas and his mother could hardly believe what they were doing and as the night went on, their passion for one another kept growing stronger.

Eventually, the night came to a close and the trio said their goodbyes. But Thomas and his mother made a plan to do it all again soon.

Thomas and his mother continued to meet up for naughty threesomes over the years. They also explored other adventurous activities together, like going to brothels and trying out new kinks.

Thomas and his mother had become incredibly close and their bond was only getting stronger. In time, Thomas had come to realize that his mother wasn’t just a mom, but also a sexy, naughty partner in crime.