Mom Wants It

Mom Wants It: An Erotic Sex Story

It was a typical Tuesday evening for Sarah, a single mother of two children. She was exhausted from her day at work and the never-ending demands from her children. After getting the kids in bed, she decided to take a hot bath and relax. As the warm water filled the tub, Sarah began to let her mind wander. She thought of her life and the things she’d been missing out on. She’d been single for a few years now and hadn’t had any real intimate relationships. As she began to explore her fantasies, she slowly started to realize that she wanted something more than just a bath and relaxation. She wanted to feel desired and wanted in a way that she hadn’t in years.

That’s when the thought of hiring an escort crossed her mind. She had heard of friends and co-workers who had hired escorts in the past, but she had never taken the plunge. She knew it would be a risk to hire an escort, but she also knew that it could potentially be the experience she had been longing for. She decided that she would take the risk for once and see what happened.

The next day, Sarah went online and did some research on escorts. She read reviews of different escorts and eventually found one that she felt would be perfect. His name was Derek and he had great reviews and seemed to be the perfect fit for what she was looking for. After a few more clicks on the website, Sarah was ready to make the call.

When Derek answered, Sarah was a bit nervous but she tried to stay calm and composed. She explained to Derek that she was looking for a night of pleasure and fun and asked if he was available. Derek said yes and they set up a time and place for the following night.

When the night finally came, Sarah was both excited and nervous. She drove to the hotel and met Derek in the lobby. He was just as handsome as his pictures had portrayed him and she immediately felt a spark between them. They walked up to the room and Sarah couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed by the moment.

Once inside, Derek took Sarah in his arms and kissed her passionately. She had never felt so desired before and it took her breath away. They moved to the bed and began to undress each other. Derek was gentle and passionate and Sarah felt herself melting into his touch.

They explored each other’s bodies and Sarah felt her desire rising with each passing moment. Derek kissed her neck and caressed her body as he moved his hands over her curves. His touch was electric and Sarah could feel her body responding in ways it never had before.

Derek moved his hands down her body and eventually reached her inner thighs. He slowly began to massage them and Sarah felt a wave of pleasure ripple through her body. She closed her eyes and savored the moment as Derek continued to massage her thighs and eventually move his hands towards her most intimate area.

Sarah gasped as Derek slowly began to massage her clitoris and slowly insert one finger into her. She was surprised at how pleasurable it felt and she soon found herself thrusting her hips in time with Derek’s movements. She felt a wave of pleasure wash over her as Derek continued to massage her clitoris and insert his fingers inside of her.

Eventually, Derek moved on top of Sarah and entered her with his manhood. She felt a new wave of pleasure as Derek began to thrust inside her. He moved slowly at first and then increased the speed and intensity as Sarah moaned with pleasure.

Derek moved his hands all over Sarah’s body and she felt every sensation as if it were her first time. Derek continued to thrust inside her and Sarah could feel her pleasure rising with each passing moment. Eventually, Sarah reached her climax and felt her body quiver with pleasure.

After they were both done, Derek held Sarah in his arms and kissed her tenderly. She felt a deep connection to him and realized that even though her night with an escort had been enjoyable, she still wanted something more. She wanted someone to hold her and make her feel special and desired. She knew that she needed to find someone who could give her that and she was determined to find it.

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